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Sovereign Province of Fairi
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Motto: Fure Malkaigan! Fure lyian!
Anthem: Malsera Ireba
Capital Etori
Largest city Etori
Official language(s) Malkaigan, Malkaigan Sign Language, English, Hebrew
Government Federal republic
 - Prime Minister Kari Hazzard
 - President Klaus Weinberg
 - Total 1,000,000 km²
 - Water (%) 80%
 - 17 June 2006 80,000,000
GDP 17 June 2006 estimate
 - Total $3.493 Trillion
 - Per capita $43,583
HDI (2006) 0.938 – high
Currency Euro (€)
Time zone FST (UTC-2)
Internet TLD fai.mlk
Calling code +8711

The Sovereign Province of Fairi (or simply Fairi) is a large island province of Malkaigan situated in The Lexicon. According to the Charter of Fairi, it has partial sovereignty, allowing it to establish its own system of government as well as its own military and social programs. Additionally, it is exempted from all federal taxation. However, it is represented in the Federal Parliament and is considered a legal entity of Malkaigan. The current President of Fairi is Klaus Weinberg.