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The present High King of Dana, Owain ap Cunedda, is the first to be recognized as Head of the Commonwealth in the newly formed Confederated Peoples. He is the head of state in many of the individual Confederal Members and is also recognized by those Members which constitute the Danaan High Kingdom as the High King of Dana and by those Members which constitute Nabarro Abarca as the Emperor of Nabarro Abarca. However, many other Members are republics and two are monarchies under wholly independent dynasties. To these Members, the High King is only the Head of the Commonwealth.


The role of the Head of the Commonwealth is similar to that of a ceremonial president for life. The Head of the Commonwealth is also the President of the Commonwealth Council of State and has no Commonwealth-wide official coercive powers in his own right. He is instead the symbol of the free association of the Commonwealth members and carries the dignity of that association in his own person. The position is officially tied to the Danaan Crown and when High King Owain dies it will pass to his heir.