Janvier Solana

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Janvier Solana
Olympia City, Aurania-Shifre
Aurania-Shifrean Minister of State, Cookeslandic UN Delegate, Political Analyst

Janvier Solana was born on January 26, 1942 in Aurania-Shifre. He has served as Aurania-Shifre's Foreign Minister. When Aurania-Shifre ceased to exist in late December of 2006 he moved with most Aurania-Shifreans to Cookesland, where he bacame involved in the Department of State.

At first he was appointed as the Ambassador to Laquasa Isle but was recalled because of war. Mr. Solana then was quickly moved back to the international scene when he was appointed to be Cookesland's First Ambassador to the UN

He is married to Lorelei Solana, and has two adult children.His first name means "January" in French. Javier Solana, the current Secretary-General of the EU is his name and picture sake.

Mr. Solana Passed away on March 11, 2007 A.D. he was given a full governmental funeral with delegates from Aurania-Shifre, Cookborough, and Cookesland. He is survived by his two children Matt, 23, and Amy, 21 and also his wife Lorelei. He is buried in St. David's Cemetary, Olympia City, Aurania-Shifre.