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This article deals with French as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

French (Français)


French-speaking nations:

Cachette de Lions
California and Alaska
Capital Praetor
Caras Galadon
Commonwealth of Bellanique
Costa Bravo
Ethan Smith
Falaises de Platine
Greater Moresnet
Horsethief butte
Huguenot France
Le Congo Leopold
Liverpool England
Little India
Logical Wits
New Imperial Mexico
Northern Congo
Nouvelle Macedoine
Okanama City
Sapphire Coast
Sel Appa
Sinless Singleness
Sober Thought
The Federated Stars
The Latin Union
The Red Zealots
Islamic Provinces
The Ayyubids
Unmoderable people

especially in Québec, Nouveau Brunswick and Manitoba

IRL, French (français, langue française) is one of the most important Romance languages, outnumbered in speakers only by Spanish and Portuguese. In NS it is not only spoken by nations whose Player is French or Frenchspeaking, but also by other nations (Usually as an important second language.)

When it comes to language choice in the worlds of NationStates, the language one nation chooses could very well be an epitome of their culture and/or government. It could be argued that players attempting to portray Fascist and Imperial nations tend to prefer the German language as the principal national language, and Russian is similarly used by Communist nations. Following this train of thought, French could be seen as the language of more 'refined' and diplomatically inclined nations.

Notes on French-speaking nations

  • Aerion has three official languages, French is the second official language and is primarily used only by the upper classes. English is the most common spoken language, and Old Aerion is the native language that has fell into disuse.
  • Ariddia recognises French as one of its three official languages, along with Wymgani and English. French and English were the languages of the original colonisers and first settlers, while Wymgani is the language of Indigenous Ariddians.
  • Antrium recognizes French as one of three official languages, along with English and a local language called Alvésin. French is the second most widely spoken, and all schools have made French classes mandatory.
  • Baranxtu recognizes French as one of its six official language. It is spoken by about 5 per cent of the population, most of which are of Jontadain ancestry.
  • In Bejerot, French is recognised jointly with English as the national language. The grammar and usage of both languages is moderated by the National Academy.
  • Boshka recognizes French as one of three official languages, along with English and a local language Russian. French is the Third most widely spoken, and all schools have made French classes a choice.
  • French is one of three official languages in Bashenk, along with Bassè and Swahili.
  • In Clandon, French was used due to the growing Frenchpeople in Medieval Clandon or that time Quaristo. King Clandon's granmother was a Frenchwoman from Lyon, France. French is one of the two official languages along with English.
  • French was selected as one of the five required languages in Ceorana when the government made it mandatory for citizens to be required to be fluent in five languages.
  • In Cookesland, French is taught in most schools with English and Latin, most Cookeslanders can speak all three quite fluently.
  • The Nation of Eagmont uses French or Russian as a secondary teaching resource from age 10. Children in Eagmonts private schools are expected to know both reasonably well, while members of state owned schools dabble with the idea of bi-lingualism.
  • The Holy Empire of Edvardus does not recognize French as the official language. However, there are a handful of native French speakers in the empire.
  • Ethan Smith doesn't have an official language, although French is understood by most citizens.
  • Franco-Philia is a completely francophone nation and French is the only language allowed for government use. All citizens must be able to read and write French with a high fluency and naturalization is impossible for non-francophones. There are small linguistic minorities, the two largest being Portuguese and English speakers, but they only use these languages in private.
  • The Republic of Horsethief butte recognizes French as an official language, it also recognizes Michif a language decending from Cree and French spoken by Horsethief butte's Métis population. Currently Horsethief butte is the only nation to recognize Michif as an official language.
  • All of the white inhabitants of Le Congo Leopold speak French, and some speak Dutch as well, because the nation has its origins in the Belgian Congo.
  • French is one of the three official languages of Little India, together with English and Latin. Whereas most people in the High Kingdom speak all three languages in varying degrees of fluency, the Kingdom of Veruna speaks Verunaian, a language that is official only there. In Eleni, French only is spoken. In Little India as a whole, Latin is used only for official purposes, although some minority groups in Tulpas use Latin as their everyday language, speaking little or no English or French. The Sovereigns of Little India are traditionally proclaimed in French, and all their titles are written thus. All Congress-related matters are dealt with in English.
  • Maanenland does not recognise French as an official language due it's low prevelance , however it is a major minority language in the inner cities where up to 70% of some inhabitants speak French exclusivly.
  • French Is recognized for historic reasons by which the French Emperor nominated Maximillion to the New Imperial Mexico throne in 1864 and later became Maximilian I.
  • French is widely spoken in Swilatia, bu it is not an official language.
  • In Stellaris French is spoken in the Southern Desert regions and is recognised as an official language.
  • Yn Sleih Manninagh uses French for dimplomatic relations with French speaking countries, due to the fact that its own language is rarely known off the island.
  • French is the official language of the Republic of Zaire, though less than half of the population speaks it.

Pidgin languages derived from French

  • Lank Jan (langue des gens) is a pidgin language, derived from French, spoken in parts of the Ariddian island of Se'asho.

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