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Moderator Deleted Ex-Nation
Offenses: Spamming, Flaming, using puppets to ignore forum ban
Other Incarnations: Crazy Japaicans, Japaican Insanity, Japaican Madness, etc.
Former NS Involvement: General
IP-Ban Status: After multiple warnings, a deletion, IP ban, and eventually declared DoS

Japaica was an infamous spammer who was eventually forum banned after posting Tub-Girl pictures and after countless threads of spam and flaming the mods. In the end, he had allegedly changed his ways, but the mods still kept at him and he became IP banned, as the mods had had enough. After creating many more nations, Japaica was declared DoS.

Japaica, we shall always remember that "Ska is the Shiz".

Japaica can still be found at his very own forum (Yes, Japaica is an Administrator!) at [1] Paradise Beach