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The People's Republic of Laststandb
Region: The West Pacific
Capital: LSB (Laststandb)
Official Language(s): English, Chinese
Population 1,000,000,000+
Religions: Christian
Government Type: Inoffencive centralist democrasy
Currency: Credit
Leader: The Laststand


The People’s Republic of Laststandb (PRL) is a strange country that was formed by a group of residents who were also economic businessmen. After the government went under pressure of insane issues, the government unanimously passed the bill to set economy as president. After a brief military scare, the government quickly increased military spending.


The Laststandb’s first resident were promising entrepreneurs. Due to the fact that they dreamed of making millions of money, they persuaded Laststandb’s government to print paper money. There are incredible note sizes that no one can ever trade in (not even the government) since all money is back by gold or silver. The currency features a HUGE numeral and in the background lots of fancy anti-forging devices. The name given is White-Backs, after having a completely blank back, due to lack of imagination. The official name is the Credit.


The flag of Laststandb is China’s flag, due to the fact that Laststandb’s door-to-door sales are in (as the delusional say) ‘almost’ control of all of china’s economy.


The nation has withdrawn from the region of Rineu and is now located in The West Pacific The nation has partially withdrawn from the region and is giving more power to the nation's UN puppet.


The PRL is landlocked in the The West Pacific surrounded by mountains; for some reason the Door-To-Door salesmen slip trough. The small nation has one city, the LSB, which is surrounded by farms. The small nation host’s the worlds most %populating in a city (100%).


Due to its position in the middle of mountains, the defense consists of loud avalanche causing megaphones on top of the mountains. The chief air defense is the mountain peaks, and it hosts the world’s most pathetic navy, consisting of 2 halves of separate paper boats. The mandatory, I mean compulsory, military service is more of fixing odd jobs and drilling with combat megaphones.

In early spring of 2013, the nation installed AA guns as part of a governmental proget on all military stations.

(Notes on Laststandb's military Distrubution) 2 million military personal (mostly for the traning of the manditory service brach) 111,400 Active members of the army

10,000 Active patrol men (2 per station) 31,000 Patrol supporters (5 per station) 5,000 truck suppliers 500 trainers 500 Misc

1,000 SF patrol men 4,000 SF patrol men suppliers (Including support copters and trainers)

2,400 mountain tank corps (600 tanks, stationed in the capital) 18,000 mountain tank builders and suppliers

10,000 guards of roadways and major entrance ways 4,000 support truck of the guards

800 Logistic corps (planning) 20,000 ranking positions 4,000 chore boys


The Door-To-Door salesmen dominate the Region of Laststandb. Money only goes in, not out. Laststandb is entirely self-sufficient, and due to this is incredibly rich.


Elections for the Laststand (sort of like the president) are held once every 5 years and there are no term limits. Elections for the legislator and governmental offices are held once every 4 years. Due to the overpowering Door-To-Door business, the Laststand is also the foreign relations guy, he has been reelected by the 5 old grannies that follow the politics. There have been no opponents since the Legislation is higher paying. The legislation consists of 50 chairs.

United Nations

The butt of most jokes in Laststandb is the UN. The only reason that Laststandb is in the UN is because of loyally to one’s region (provide more votes!). The first three issues went badly (but Laststandb managed to sneak around the ban of chemical weapons one).

Laststandb has currently withdrew from the UN due to conflicting intrests