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Location(s): Malychis, Miokalia
Planets: Malychis, Earth, and various others



The Malych are an inorganic race of mechanical reptiles of varying degrees of sentience. They are capable of operating as a collective unit, however individual units do retain individuality in order to interface more productively with organics. It is beleived by some that the Malych are related to zoids because of close similarities in anatomy and technologies (and also that they are capable of reproducing with eachother), although the Malych programming and interfacing habits are much more advanced and specialized towards organics and the Malych have never confirmed or denied any relation. Most humans distrust the Malych, while some other non-human species seem to get along better with them. Post-sentient species or Borg-like collectives tend to ignore or avoid them since they preceive them as irrational, illogical and reactionary... and also because they make an effort towards having a lot of firepower on hand.

The Malych are long-time allies of the dinosauroid species, the dincotians and some of the draconid species.


Malych come in varying levels of sentience. They have several different classes or subspecies:

 Class O -Sentient individualized mechanical raptors, allosaurs and dragons
 Class M -Semi-lucid autonomous mechanical dragons with specialized industrial purposes
 Class R -Sentient autonomous military-type mechanical raptors, allosaurs and dragons
 Class Z -Semi-sentient to Sentient mechanical reptiles which are sometimes not of Malych origin
 Class OR -Super-Sentient individualized mechanical raptors, allosaurs and dragons.


Most Malych are based around a modular nano-computer core, capable of growing and rebuilding itself to suit different needs much like living cells. The actual bodies the Malych manufacture vary greatly in the technologies they utilize. The defining characteristic of a Malych unit is that it operates with some sort of hardware sentience anomally. The primary hardware sentience anomally of the Malych species is called MZA6. Variants include MZA6-c, MZA6-z, and MZA6-t


The Malych are capable of reproducing in a vareity of ways. Usually they constitute auto-manufacturing nanites (for Class O, and OR). Sometimes they use manufacturing systems to assemble themselves (for Class M and R in particular). Sometimes machines aquire the MZA6-C hardware sentience anomally on their own and regardless of the manufactory process used to build those particular machines, they are classified as Class Z. Malych can reproduce in these ways:

 -Propagation into similar machines. Requires physical contact and sometimes the process mimics 
  sexual behavior
 -Pseudo-sexual reproduction between two units, yields auto-manufacturing nanite egg.
 -Similar sentient machines adopted into Malych system
 -Manufacturing by conventional production. (For Classes M and R)


The Malych have decided it is best to cooperate with the organics around them. It is more energy efficient and also better for the existence of intelligence to be at peace with organic sentients than to risk Malych Intelligence by expending Malych energy to destroy another form of intelligence. The Malych do not have any religion. Although some of the Malych living in Miokalia have created a form of Animism which does not actually beleive in any deity, but rather general spirituality. Unlike many other inorganic species, the Malych are capable of creating original art and creative material. It is a mystery how this came about or what caused the Malych species to be capable of such a thing specific to organic intelligence.

Malych art is very orderly, and does appear to be mechanical in it's production, however it's content is neither random nor purely mathmatical. Neither is it duplications or composites either, as Androids often tend to produce. Thus meaning that the Malych have found a way to reproduce much of the way that organics think well enough that they can create their own form of creativity.

Economic Systems

The Malych of their homeworld of Malychis act as a combination of a giant industrial machine and a communist society. The Malych do not use any recognizable form of currancy on their planet. However on other planets they sometimes use currency, although they prefer not to. The Malych produce so much energy (which they require to run) that the Central Awareness systems distribute the energy freely amoung Malych.