Mr. Morden

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Mr. Morden
Foreign Minister
Der Angst
Current Status:
Whereabouts unknown

Mr. Morden became foreign Minister of Der Angst during the Rezo administration, quickly developing into one of the more sinister figures of DA, occasionally sponsoring terrorism against nations less than liked by DA. Being Angstian, it was somewhat logical for him to backstab Rezo, making contact with the Associates, eventually supporting their (successful) plot to gain control over DA.

Following this, Mr. Morden was able to establish his position, ever- expanding his influence, succeeding in securing the non- interference of Mars during the conflict with the Martian Confederacy as well as organising the attempted (Initially successful, but later failing) 'takeover' of the Knootian economy.

However, things begun to change with the growing influence of the Nationalists and the Mad Scientists Conference, and it became to many hands working on DA's destiny. Especially the Nationalists proved to be dangerous, pursuing their own foreign policy.

While this developments were somewhat dangerous, they proved to be less important as the cataclysm hit DA, effectively killing 90% of the population. So far, it is unknown if Mr. Morden is still alive or not.