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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #NationStates_Roleplay.

The #NationStates_Roleplay IRC Channel was first founded by NationStates put of annoyance at having disscussions between #nationstates banees clutter up other #nationstates channels. He thus created the channel as a siphon for such converstions, and lacking any other real purpose, discussion of rp tactics, just the like original intention of #nationstates.

After he created it, the problem didn't occur again, and after several months, he talked with Goobergunch, who he regarded as the authoritive expert on IRC, explaining the original intention, and asking whether he should just ditch it.

Having not ventured into #nationstates_general in some time, Qaaolchoura was unaware that such coversations were still going on there. He thus kept the channel, made Goobergunch and SOP, and in conjunction with NuMetal tried to bring about a use for the channel in the meantime. The channel has since had several, often lengthy conversations, and a number of purposes, but never more than six people in it at a time.

The channel today is mostly administered by Goobergunch, SOP, and effective co-founder who has added half of the aops, and most of the vops, and uses the channel sporadically for varied purposes.

#NationStates_Roleplay Operators

The #NationStates_Roleplay channel founder is:

The #NationStates_Roleplay channel super operators(SOP)s are:

The #NationStates_Gameplay channel automatic operators(AOP)s are: