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Королевство Ний-Гардарика
Kingdom of Nyi-Gardarika
Flag of the Kingdom of Nyi-Gardarika
Official Languages Russian, Toran, Riikan
Government Semi-Constitutional Federal Kingdom
International Status Non-Sovereign, Taraskovyan Imperial Realm
  - King
  - Minister-Chancellor

Mikhail II Shakhovskoy
Gennadiy Juravlev
Capital Krasgorod
Population approx. 500 million
Currency 1 Taraskovyan Frank = 100 Centimes
Calculators are evil.

The Kingdom of Nyi-Gardarika is an Imperial Realm of the Taraskovyan Empire and is the largest such realm off Earth in the Solar System. The Vasilevs of all Taraskovya is also King of Nyi-Gardarika. The Kingdom is organised on a federal basis and consists of five Provinces and two Crown Territories, the latter being under Federal authority.

The Provinces are: Dajdbog, Svarog, Stribog, Lower Cimmeria, Upper Cimmeria.

The Crown Territories are: the Northern Crown Territory, the Southern Crown Territory.