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This article deals with Svarog as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Region: Mars
Motto: The dream is alive.
Map: Map of the Duchy of Svarog
Official Language(s): Taraskath, Russian
Capital: Severovolost
Population: approx. 3 million
Currency: Taraskovyan Frank, Menelmacari Credit
Duke: Duke Drajko Karadzic of Svarog
Prime Minister: Elthala Kerinth
Calculators are evil.

The Duchy of Svarog was the first of Taraskovyan holdings on Mars and, even if today it is out shadowed by the massive provinces of Dajdbog and Stribog, it is none the less an important centre of Taraskovyan economic activity on Mars. Today, it is one of the five Provinces comprising the Kingdom of Nyi-Gardarika.

Short History

Towards 1130 A.S. the Grand Duchy had an extensive space capacity and had set up a number of important orbital stations over Earth. In order to expand, the Grand Ducal authorities decided to set up an outpost on Mars that would be both discreet, yet important enough to play a role in regional politics and provide a rally point for future Grand Ducal colonization efforts. After careful consideration, the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar was approached with an offer to purchase a small bit of the territory of its Martian colony. The deal was reached quickly and very soon the Fiefdom and Duchy of Svarog, named after the Slavic god of fire, was created under the authority of Duke Miloslav Karadzic, a trusted ally of the Taraskovyan Grand Duke.

During its early history, Svarog was the only Grand Ducal Fiefdom to have had an unelected Governor. During the Federal era, the Karadzic family remained in power after passing a deal with the Ruling Council.

As of today, the Duke of Svarog is the ceremonial ruler, with the plenitude of powers resting with the Provincial and Grand Councils.


The Executive

The Duchy of Svarog is a monarchy where the Duke is the hereditary leader and ceremonially represents the executive authority on the Fiefdom level. The Duke appoints the Prime Minister (head of government), who is also the leader of the Parliamentary majority.

The Legislative

The Legislative authority in the Fiefdom is represented by the Grand Council, a body of 38 members elected for four years on a system of proportional representation from among the citizens domiciled in the Duchy of Svarog. The Grand Council has the power to confirm or reject and appointments of Provincial Councilors, pass laws that do not require approval through referenda, et cetera.


With the Taraskovyan Military Reform, the local standing armed forces have been fully incorporated into the Taraskovyan National Defence Forces, directed from the Grand Duchy of Taraskovya. Currently, the Province is garrisonned by the Severovolost Defence Regiment, which is complemented by local volunteers, and an additional rotating force from the larger TNDF.


Most of the Provincial’s economy relies on its trade with the rest of the Grand Duchy as well as with its enormous Menelmacari neighbour. The intensity of exchanges between Svarog and Menelmacari Carnil has even incited the Fiefdom authorities, with permission from the Central Government, to grant the Menelmacari Credit the status of legal tender within the Fiefdom, paving the way to an even further increase in exchanges.