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the channel's logo

The Parliamentary Channel is a television channel in the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia. Broadcast on channel #9, it offers live broadcasts of debates in the People's Prime Parliament and the Wehela Iolih (Indigenous Parliament), as well as local reports on local community debates and decisions. In addition, it broadcasts debates from the supranational Uhuhland Parliament, as well as the United Nations General Assembly.

The Parliamentary Channel features interviews with members of the government, and in-depth reports on issues discussed by the Parliaments, Cabinet and the United Nations.

The channel is unusual in that it does not broadcast 24 hours a day. Indeed, it very rarely broadcasts between 22:00 and 7:00, and its programming schedule varies according to the activity within the councils and assemblies it covers.

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Angelic Nettles, the channel's president

The president of the Parliamentary Channel is Angelic Nettles, who also works as a political affairs correspondant and expert for PINA.

The channel occasionally uses self-mocking slogans, in reference to it being seen by many as "rather boring". One of its most recent slogans was: "The Parliamentary Channel: the most exciting thing since grapefruit-flavoured chocolate!". Or: "The Parliamentary Channel: Stay informed. Stay awake." Despite this, the content of the channel's programmes and analyses is always serious.

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