Royal Embassy of Aerion to Snefaldia

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The Royal Embassy of Aerion in Sargedain is the diplomatic mission of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion to the Centralized Mountain States of Snefaldia. The Grand Kingdom of Aerion maintains its embassy at Sargedain, capital of the Centralized Mountain States of Snefaldia.

Diplomatic Officers

Head of Mission: His Majesty's Royal Ambassador Erusin Jagern.
Deputy Head of Mission:Lesay Shurash
Minister-Counselor of Political Affairs: Elar Romlast
Minister-Counselor of Public Affairs: Suilra Avaksund
-Cultural Attache: Aefra Olusjaer
-Press Attache: Sava Basleim
Minister-Counselor of Consular Affairs:Cehlao Meslak
Minister-Counselor of Commercial Affairs: Jesaun Vamysen
Minister-Counselor of Economic Affairs: Mupaya Erauana
Minister-Counselor of Scientific, and Technological Affairs: Turahi Padosu
Military Attaché: Major Rushme Espalsn
Security Attaché: Hujoel Aslildi


Aerionian Consulate General Serasarda
Aerionian Consulate General Taxilha
Aerionian Consulate Pholimjung
Aerionian Consulate Mahavisjaya
Aerionian Consulate Korsahad