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The Saidercray Thaler was the currency of the United Republic of Saidercray from its foundation in 1916 until 2007, when the international Conargo was introduced. The subunit was the Saidercray Penny, and 100 Saidercray Pennies yielded one Saidercray Thaler. The Saidercray Thaler corresponded to about 0.37 US-$, so that you got one US-$ for about 2.70 Saidercray Thalers.


The table provides you with a survey on the latest coins.

Saidercray Thaler coins
Value $ equiv. Diameter Material Obverse Reverse
10 Saidercray Pennies 0.04 1.5 cm Aluminium 10 SP A heartsease (national flower of Saidercray)
50 Saidercray Pennies 0.18 2 cm Aluminium 50 SP An Aleppo pine (national tree of Saidercray)
1 Saidercray Thaler 0.37 2.5 cm Nordic gold 1 ST A stork (national animal of Saidercray)
5 Saidercray Thalers 1.85 3 cm Nordic gold 5 ST The coat of arms of Saidercray
10 Saidercray Thalers 3.70 3.5 cm Nordic gold 10 ST The flag of Saidercray


The table provides you with a survey on the latest banknotes.

Saidercray Thaler banknotes
Value $ equiv. Dimensions Colour Obverse Reverse
20 Saidercray Thalers 7.40 8 x 5 cm Peach-yellow The Laughing Giant (highest mountain of Saidercray) Henry Nesswick (famous Saidercrayan poet)
50 Saidercray Thalers 18.49 9 x 6 cm Pine green Standstone cliffs near Hampmouth on Sea Nelson Quarret (first President of the Republic of Saidercray)
100 Saidercray Thalers 36.98 10 x 7 cm Cardinal The Golden Bridge in Cuvesbridge John Haigler (General of the Black and Blue War)
500 Saidercray Thalers 184.88 11 x 8 cm Cornflower blue The Saint Francis Cathedral in Dawsingham Conor Kingsson (President from 1932 to 1934, creator of the Kingsson Plan)
1000 Saidercray Thalers 369.77 12 x 9 cm Ochre Ruins of the amphiteatre near Telychester Magdalene II. (Queen of Saider from 1704 to 1743)
2500 Saidercray Thalers 924.24 13 x 10 cm Emerald The old town of Whitecastle (renowned for its framework houses) Benjamin Poesh (Crayan filibuster of the 17th century)
5000 Saidercray Thalers 1848.84 14 x 11 cm Burnt orange Ten unknown ordinary men and women The text of the national anthem
50st Kopie.jpg
The picture shows a 50 ST bill (scale 1:1.2) as it was valid until 2007. The pattern with the white stripes served to protect the banknote from counterfeiting. Some of the white stripes included the watermark, whereas other stripes included little pieces of aluminium which reflects light. More anti-counterfeiting measures were on the other side of the banknote.