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IDU Conargo
Symbol ª
Subdivision 1 Conargo = 100 cents
Exchange Rate ª1=NS$1.22
In use since 2007
Currency Code IDU

The Conargo (a.k.a. Argo) is an international currency in the International Democratic Union. It was introduced as a proposal by Kedalfax to the IDU Council in early 2007.


The name "Conargo" comes from a combination of Latin "concilium" meaning council and "argentum" meaning money. This name was suggested by Saidercray. The name is sometimes shortened to "Argo" in common language, especially in Antrium.

Other common names are listed below. Because of the short existence of the currency so far, not many common names have appeared.

  • Eye Ducks (also seed Iducs, from abbreviation of IDU Council, IDUC)


On February 1, 2007, the Kedalfaxian delegation to the IDU Council informally brought up the idea of an elective currency to be used by any nation in the IDU that wanted to use it. The idea was well received, and was soon made into an official proposal. The proposal received seven seconds, and proceeded to vote. It passed with eight votes for, and three abstentions. There were no votes against it. It was the first resolution to pass through the IDU Council.

On February 21, 2007, the name, valuation, and symbol were finalized by a panel of representatives from Kedalfax, Saidercray, Amidonia, and Antrium.


Conargo bills are completely standard, but coins have one side that changes from nation to nation. The designs for the bills and the international sides of the coins were developed in Amidonia. Each nation is allowed to design one side of coins minted in its country to represent its country's history or culture.

Note designs

1Conargo.jpg 5Conargo.jpg 10Conargo.jpg 20Conargo.jpg 50Conargo.jpg

Coin design by nation

Value Design Meaning
0.05 Conargo A mulberry tree amidst of several heartseases Combination of the national tree and the national flower of Saidercray
0.10 Conargo Two storks flying side by side in front of a rising sun Allegory on Saidercray's union and on the United Republic's past and present
0.25 Conargo A mother on a beach, giving her child some fruits Reference to the national anthem's lines "We are children of your shapely shores, and your fruits have made us grow"; Saidercray is called "our good mother" in the anthem

Nations Using the Conargo

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