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This article deals with Shinto as it refers to Nationstates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on the subject.

Relatively few NS nations profess the Shinto faith. Most are nations with a similar culture and political system to that of Japan and, instead of orienting around the nature of a single Emperor or land, most Shinto nations on NS regard their own country and Emperor as uniquely of the kami.

Some Shinto nations claim that their rulers have a direct descent from an important kami, such as Tisopea. Others, like Adoki, claim to be the true heirs of the Japanese royal line.

The region Feudal Japan makes use of Shinto titles in its regional ranking system.

Nations which contain people of this faith

  • The official religion of Adoki is Shinto and regards the Adoki Emperor as an incarnate kami
  • The established religion in the Principality of Kadoki in the Resurgent Dream is Shinto but considers no mortal world leader to be an incarnate kami, although such god-like beings as Mephet'ran of C'tan, the Dark Lord Melkor, his former servant Alkenphel are granted the title
  • The official religion of Tisopea is Shinto and the Tisopean Emperor is considered the descendant of a kami, and an incarnate kami himself.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Grand Duchy of Bejerot, Chiaki Fujiéda, practises the Shinto religion in addition to Pure Land Buddhism.
  • Shinto is The Main Religion in Hataria
  • Shinto is the Primary Religion in Taevri.
  • Shinto is a major religion in Kanami which also features it's spinoff counterpart Christao
  • Shinto is also a major religion Kurona, Princess Tomoyo Mikanu, the leader is a follower of this religion.
  • Cookborough-- about 64.9% of Cookborough professes Shinto as their religion including the Imperial Family.