Tavast-Carelian Shipping Company

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Tavast-Carelian Shipping Company
Headquarters: Raumo
Nationality: Tavast-Carelia
Specialty: shipping
Storefront: CDQ, if you insist
The Tavast-Carelian Shipping Company (TCSC) is the national shipping company of Tavast-Carelia, formed in 1999 by merging the privately-owned Tavastland Steamship Company, Tavast-Aperin Line and BER Line, as well as some smaller private shipping lines, and bringing the resulting company under state ownership.

Passenger Services


The TCSC operates passengers on a large number of different routes, on both intercontinental and transcontinental routes.

Intercontinental services

TCSC's main routes are the ones linking Alçaera to Greater Aperin. There are two main routes, one linking Alçaera to Galdago, Svea Riga and SeOCC on the continent's west coast, the other linking to The Weegies, Watfordshire, Constantinopolis, ParEcon and Celdonia on the east coast of Aperin as well as the Aperian subcontinent. Please observe that due to the state of affairs between Watfordshire and Svea Riga, currently no TCSC ships call at Watfordshire and calls at other ports of the Aperin Subcontinent have been limited.

These routes are operated mainly by state-of-the-art Ilmatar-class gas turbine powered ships, that can accommodate up to 2500 passengers and have a service speed of up to 30 knots. Currently the Ilmatar-class ships serving Aperin are GTS Aallotar and GTS Hengetär serving the east coast route, and GTS Ilmatar serving the west coast route, along with the older GTS Tavastjet.

Alçaeran Services

In addition to our Aperinian ships calling at ports in Ecopoeia, New Paristan and East Hackney before crossing the Alçaeran Ocean, the TCSC maintains a continuous ferry service to the aforementioned nations as well as Tankerton with the ferries Tavastland, Carelia, Tavaststar, and Tavastpartner.

The TCSC also maintains a fast hovercraft service from Waasa, Ulvila, Raumo and Aboa to the islands of Hellas, Isidis and Chryse, as well as the city of Dorsa Brevia in northern Viriditas.

Cruise Services

The old intercontinental liners Wellamo and Wanamo are employed in year-round pleasure cruises from various Tavast-Carelian ports.

Freight Services

A fleet of total of 32 cargo-carrying ships of different kinds link Tavast-Carelia to neighbouring countries near and far, mostly on the same routes as the passenger ships. However, due to an agreement between Tavast-Carelia and SeOCC, the TCSC does not maintain cargo services to Greater Aperin's west coast. Hence, there is no direct freight service from Tavast-Carelia to Celdonia, Anhierarch or Cirdanistan by Tavast-Carelian ships.

Ship Development

The three major Tavast-Carelian shipyards in Raumo, Aboa and Porvoo are all directly affiliated with the TCSC, and are continuously engaged in research and development for better, more effective ship designs. The most notable of these R&D projects is the development of a nuclear-powered civilian-use vessel. Currently a medium-size nuclear freighter, NS Voima, is used in the traffic to western Aperin to evaluate the performance of nuclear reactors in such use.