The Oneiromancer

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The Oneiromancer is a semi-mythical figure believed by some to be the true founder of the Dreamed Realm. He is also known as the Dread Wizard of Dreams, the Dreamweaver, the Lord of Nightmare, Kryptognosis and Kronos of the Void.

Legend has it that the namesake founder and Basileus of the Holy Empire of Alasdair I Frosticus defeated the Oneiromancer in a terrible battle for control of the Dreamed Realm, and that when the Oneiromancer was defeated, he was cast out into the void between the worlds of the Realm, where he awaits his chance to wreak his terrible vengeance on he who defeated him. According to these tales, the Basileus eventually defeated the Oneiromancer by capturing the wondrous gem called the Glimmung, the owner of which may command the Oneiromancer to do his bidding.

Others say the Oneiromancer is merely a tale, a 'boogey man' used by parents (and horror film makers) to frighten the children of the Holy Empire.

Those that believe in the Oneiromancer claim that the Basileus has hidden the Glimmung in the legendary sunken cathedral of Heldscalla, deep under the ocean of the Holy Empire. He who finds the Glimmung may choose to unleash the Oneiromancer on an unsuspecting Dreamed Realm, or attempt to control the dread wizard of dreams for his own purposes. Others state that anyone who so much as glances at the million facets of the Glimmung (each facet representing a different aspect of the Dreamed Realm) would be driven mad. Some say that the extraordinary collection of Frostican art held in the museums of Ariddia - the only nation to hold an extensive art collection from the Holy Empire - may offer clues to the location of both the Glimmung and Heldscalla.

Most people don't believe a word of it.

There are persistent rumours, however, of a tiny cult in the Holy Empire that worships the Oneiromancer as a god, and which seeks the Glimmung in the hope that each cult member will be appointed to rule one of the worlds of the Dreamed Realm as the Oneiromancer's viceroy once he returns. If this is the case, they are deluded souls indeed, for even if everything they believe is true, there can be little doubt that their souls would be consumed in the general apocalyptic holocaust that would surely engulf both the Holy Empire and the Dreamed Realm should the Oneiromancer return. This cult, if it exists, is said to be heavily monitored and persecuted by the Imperial security forces. Others claim that the cult is entirely an invention of, and controlled by, the Imperial security forces, and is used as a means through which to identify and deal with potential malcontents.

But most people believe the cult is as fictional as the Oneiromancer himself.