Thorlund Amish

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The Thorlund Amish are a conservative Old Order Amish group based in the Danaan Principality of Thorlund. They are Christian Protestant Anabaptist religious community.

The Thorlund Amish are centered in Magel Parish with small extensions in Cerfas and Uhlirz parishes. The Amish came into this region in 1918, fleeing intense persecution by the revolutionary government of Marlund. Bishop Adal Yäcklel led eight families to Thorlund from Marlund. In 1928, Yäcklel returned to Marlund for the purpose of helping other Amish to escape. He was killed there by Marlunder soldiers.

Like other Old Order Amish, the Thorlund Amish do not use modern technology and wear very conservative clothing. However, unlike many Old Order Amish communities, the Thorlund Amish allow some small variation in clothing. Women are allowed to choose between bonnets and straw hats and men may choose between wearing or not wearing suspenders. They do not place screens on their doors or windows or wear clothes featuring buttons, preferring hooks.

There are many splits among the Thorlund Amish and they live in over a dozen distinct religious communities. However, differences are unrecognizable to outsiders. The Amish allow courting between members of different groups but, upon marriage, the new family must definitively choose which group they will belong to. This is usually, although not always, the community of the husband.