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Flag of Marlund
Motto: Freedom and Brotherhood for All Mankind
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Region Ambara
Capital Lutherstadt
Official Language(s) German
Leader Chief of State: King Hermann; Chief of Government: Kanzler Terenz Sachs
Population 16,000,000
Currency Marc 
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The Kingdom of Marlund is a small nation with a primarily agricultural economy and developing industry. Marlund is well-known for its long history of racial strife and religious fundamentalism. Although the nation has instituted many secular, egalitarian, and democratic reforms since the Second Ambaran War, many critics maintain that these change were merely forced upon Marlund by foreign powers and do not truly enjoy the support of its citizens. Marlund is located in Ambara. It is bordered to the north by the Resurgent Dream, to the south by Pantocratorian Ambara, and to the east by Abt.

Marlund is a constitutional monarchy. However, this has only been the case for a fairly short period. Between 1916 and the Second Ambaran War, Marlund was a fundamentalist theocracy. Before that, Marlund was an absolutist monarchy with fundamentalist and racialist elements.


The state now known as Marlund has been a unified state since 1754 when King Manfried of Madler proclaimed the Holy Israelite Empire of the Nation of Marlund.