Violeta Bi Bere

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Violeta Bi Bere
Diplomat and eggplant farmer
Current position
Ambassador to the International Mediation Council
Favourite saying
"Your willingness to negotiate on this matter honours me, dear heart. Would you like a cup of tea?"

Violeta Bi Bere was the first foreign minister of Tanah Burung and architect of the country's "independent and active" foreign policy. She represented her country at the first Developing Nations Summit, where she caused a stir by removing her shirt during a tense discussion break, and presided over the second summit. Later she oversaw the restoration of diplomatic relations with the former colonial power, Knootoss and with a host of other countries, although she also broke diplomatic relations with SeOCC. She led Tanah Burung into the International Fair Trade Agreement and helped to write the text of the treaty founding the International Mediation Council. After being defeated in a bid for re-election, she was named Ambassador to the IMC and freelance trouble-shooter in charge of missions to conflict zones like Biotopia. Bi Bere always wears a medallion depicting St. Theresa of Avila, a gft from Pope Leo of the Holy Vatican See.