Zaaherland Republican Party (ZRP)

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The Zaaherland Republican Party (ZRP) is a conservative political party in the Republic of Zaaherland. It is baised on Christian values and social conservativism. It is extremly religios and conservative. ZRP is also a very nationalistic party with a progam to promote Zaaher culture and the Zaaherdüdze language. The program has five main points:

  • Zaaherland is the fatherland for all Zaahers
  • The bible is a holy book and all laws should bee baised on the holy book
  • Zaaherdüdze should be the main language in RZ
  • Religion and Conservatism is the best for the people

The party also stands for hard capitalism and strong anti-communism. ZRP has stated that all citizens should live moraly.

ZRP has been in power for over 70 years and has got a strong support among the Conservatives and many Centerist Zaaherland citizens. It's support is about 70-75% of the voters. It's largest support in history was in Potrafer County in the 1987 Potrafer Local Elections where it got over 94% of the votes. The partys chairman is Henry Vaaselk.

In 2000 the old chairman Adree Vorez was elected President of the Republic.

After the Adree Vorez speach to Parliament 13 January 2005 the party was split up. The Conservative Nationalists left the party and formed the Zaaherland National Democratic Party (ZNDP).

On October the 1th 2005 the Zaaherland Republican Party(ZRP) renamed the party to National Republican Party of Zaaherland (NRP).