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The Hanseatic City of Zalmebaai

Perhaps the most important harborcity in Guffingford next to Port Kramer. When explorers entered the Deutcher Meer - also called Decision Bay - through the Discovery Passage and crossed this large body of water between Liberated America, the Northern Isle and mainland Guffigford, these men immediately recognized the importance of a harbor in the bend between Freestate Cerfonlande and Kaiser Wilhelsm Land. Not waiting for supplies from the homeland Knootoss, they founded the city of Zalmebaai named after the many salmon swimming in the dark waters of Decision Bay.

During the ages Zalmebaai grew and gew, out of her city limits and repeaditly the out walls had to be expanded to catch up with the ever increasing number of immigrants. Zalmebaai's harbor also outgrew capacity while the demand for shipping space skyrocketed. The economy of the city was booming and news about the limitless oppertunities for jobs, food and shelter spread like a wildfire through Guffingford.

Zalmebaai suffered greatly during the first Gold Rush of Guffingford. Many people who just arrived found that searching for gold nuggets was a lot easier than working hard for money, so as fast as they came, they left just as fast. Zalmebaai lingered a bit, trying to recover from this economic blow. Cerfonlande however ignored their economic situation and was intrigued by the idea of owning such an important harborcity. The French sent a colonial force to the city and after a siege wich lasted several weeks the city surrendered and was placed under French colonial administration. In 2005 Zalmebaai joined the new Hanseatic League of Guffingford, and the city, so well knew for their thriving economy florished again like never before.