31st North Ahjeezistan General Election

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The 31st general election was held on 28 December 2006. Results for the Senate (decided by proportional representation) are first, followed by results for the House of Representatives.

31st North Ahjeezistan General Election: Senate
Party Votes % ±%
Social Democratic 270,256,000 53.2 +13.8
Liberal Democratic 238,252,000 46.9 -9.7
Republican 0 00.0 -4.1

31st North Ahjeezistan General Election: House of Representatives
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Social Democratic Lady Graham 270,256,000 122 +59
Liberal Democratic Lord Arlonway 238,252,000 96 -51
Republican None 0 0 -8

For the 218 member North Ahjeezistan House of Representatives, the Social Democratic Party of North Ahjeezistan took power from the Liberal Democratic Party of North Ahjeezistan for the first time in twenty years. The Social Democrats gained fifty-nine seats; the Liberal Democrats lost fifty-one, and the Republicans lost all their seats, which had totalled eight. Prime Minister Lord Arlonway was replaced by Lady Graham, the Leader of the Opposition.

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30th General election
North Ahjeezistan General Elections
28 December, 2006
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