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Nation: Random Kingdom
Function: Capital
Population: 50,000 (main city)
Leader: None (autonomous)

Acoria is the capital city of Random Kingdom.

General Information

Acoria itself is a small city with only 50,000 citizens living in the central complex. However, 1,500,000 citizens live around it, spread over 50 cities and 120 smaller settlements. The city of Acoria is an arcology with 5 levels, split into 3 sections, positioned around a central tower. Above the 5th floor of the main section is a system of transport tubes and airducts, and above them is a garden. Between the tower and the main arcology is a steep drop, with the River Acore (after which Acoria was named after) flowing below and up tubes into purification systems and fountains. Open, lit walkways connect them and six elevators take sightseers high above the central tower, allowing them to view the entire Acore Valley.

The three sections of the arcology (Acoria Alpha) represent residential, commercial and municipal zones. Underneath the Acore, the towers link and form an underground structure where most industry is based. (However, state-owned clean industry is located on the bottom of the Municipal Building)

During the Third Civil War it was discovered that Acoria Tower was intentionally designed as a detachable mobile base, and is able to disconnect from the arcology and take off as a large subsonic aircraft. It is unknown whether this feature was intended for government or terrorist purposes; during the civil war it was used for the latter.

More Facts

  • Famous people residing in the city proper include Acoran Smith II and the late Dr. Azokash.
  • Acoria is built over a Modern Era arcology, formerly Paradiso Arcology, that was originally built for research purposes.
  • The ruralities of Acoria include the city now named New Little Peace, where the Northern Metro subway station was the scene of Ascot's apparent escape. This story is, however, disappearing into mythdom.