Ariddian Muslim Charitable Association

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the ACMA's logo / flag

The Ariddian Muslim Charitable Association (Association Caritative des Musulmans Ariddiens, ACMA), formerly the Ariddian Muslim Association, is a prominent Ariddia-based international charity. It has branches operating in several other countries.

The ACMA began as a federation of Muslim organisations seeking to reflect on what it was to be Muslim in Ariddia's mostly atheist, socialist, multicultural society. An estimated 3.1% of Ariddians are at least nominally Muslim. The ACMA's goal was to work in relation with the government, mainly to assist the integration of Muslim immigrants into Ariddian society.

The ACMA is the country's main Muslim association, and is renowned and respected for preaching tolerance, education, critical thinking and understanding of other ways of life.

More recently, the Association has begun organising charitable activities, gathering food and medical aid to send to foreign countries (regardless of religion) in times of crises. When operating in this way, it cooperates with the Ariddian Red Star.

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The mosque in New Hope hosts meetings of the ACMA

The association's president is Fahad al Mohamed, but a better-known member abroad, no doubt, is outspoken human rights activist (and football star) Jamilah Riham bint Yaseen Shahrour.