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In terms of the arts, Ariddia is renowned most of all for its literature, which often explores the various facets of human nature. Famous works include:

  • Le dernier lendemain, by Aurélien Landre, a novel which tells of human dreams and aspirations, hopes for the future, always just out of reach but fuelling every human endeavour unceasingly nonetheless.
  • The Traveller, by Julian McAndrews, a play in which a young man travels the world and is dismayed to discover the prevalence of selfishness, aggressiveness and ignorance in his fellow human beings.
  • Sl’weh yojeh lsol’la, a trilogy of novels by Iosh Lae, a West Ariddian-born Wymgani who settled in Ariddia; the novels tell of the destruction of Limea’s natural environment, and the impact of the continuing disaster upon the every day lives of the island’s Indigenous people.
  • Sylvia, by Keith Isaac, a fantasy novel in which a group of adolescents dream up a world of their own, which gradually seems to merge with reality; it is both a magic tale for children, and a serious study of society, humanity, escapism, and hope.
  • Bienvenue en Dystopie!, by Mélanie Mbai, which presents the reader with an apparently ideal society, then gradually unravels the darker sides of the pure capitalist tenets it is grounded upon, as the innocent, naive and rich protagonists discover what lies behind the pervasive capitalist propaganda they have been brought up on.
  • Lie’u lls ae wl’es (Don’t Cry for the World), an absurdist novella by Awu Sesh, which portrays characters lost in a disturbingly hostile world in which nothing makes the slightest sense.

Foreign books on Ariddia

A partial list of books regarding Ariddia and published outside Ariddia:

  • Green politics in Knootoss and Ariddia, a comparative analysis, a study into the relative power and role of Green parties and the 'new left' in neoliberal and postcapitalist society by Prof. Dinkeldoor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Amsterdam (Knootoss).
  • The Scarlet Challenge - a boys tale of heroism and adventure in a strange new country, by Jeanine Tiersma (Knootoss).
  • There be dragons (or Don't sail south), by W. Barentz, a famous 17th century explorer from Uhuh-Topia.
  • A New Peaceful Coexistence: The Odd Friendship Between Communism in Ariddia and Capitalizm in Pacitalia - a comparative analysis of the complex but cordial relationship between the PDSRA and the Democratic Capitalist Republic of Pacitalia, by Professora Benedictina Menaghi, PhD(PolS), and Professore Giuliano Vongoli, PhD(PolS), St. Mark's University, Pacitalia (Timiocato: Conapresso Liberazione-Politicato, 2004).