Jacobus Domela

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Jacobus Domela
Leader of the Socialistische Partij

Jacobus Domela used to be a Dutch Reformed preacher who, after he lost his faith, started a political fight for workers. He was the first socialist in the Staten-Generaal in modern history. Domela was born in Amsterdam. After his theological studies he became a Dutch Reformed preacher and served in various Knootian towns. During this time he gradually lost his faith and came into contact with the social issues that he felt were not being addressed by the government. He stopped preaching and became active in various socialist activities.

Domela became the frontman of the Socialistische Partij, a socialist movement which was constructed from various local movements. It fought for wage equality and supported socialist workers' initiatives such as strikes. Under Domela ' leadership and propaganda the movement became bigger and bigger. As the movement grew, it began to come under attack for being subversive and 'anti-Knootian' and it was exposed that the AIVD had been launching investigations into their practices.

Nevertheless, he was elected into the Staten-Generaal where he was the first socialist elected into parliament in modern history. Domela himself, during his eight year tenure, became increasingly disappointed with parliamentary methods and moved more and more toward anarchist beliefs. The SP is still following his leadership in that direction, but not free of trouble. Domela is still actively publishing and fighting for the social-anarchistic causes. One of his works is Evil Empire? - How social Ariddia proves Lousewies wrong.