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Flag of Bagheeria
Motto: The Panther Moves!
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Region Nederland
Capital Baggy City
Official Language(s) Dutch, English
Leader The Elected King of Bagheeria (Bagheera for short)
Population about 2000 milion
Currency Paw 
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General Imprssion

Bagheeria is a enviromentally stunning nation, where the panthers are free to vote in elections, or to become a candidate. The economy is traditionally no more than acceptable, but stable, and social security keeps the unemployed and sick from hitting rock-bottom. Cheap and efficient public transport, and strict environmental laws ensure a clean environment, witch for panthers is very important.


Bagheera the Wise: founder of democracy

Hundreds of years ago, Prins Bagheera was notorious for doing things his way, very early on in his life. He would do things very different from his father. He didn’t want to do what he thought was right, but what de people he ruled thought was right. So when he became King, he held elections for the throne. He won himself, so he was the first Elected King of Bagheeria. Bagheera kept his throne for two terms. He lost the third elections, due to a struggling economy.
As founder of the democracy and bringer of freedom of speech, Bagheera went down in History as ‘Bagheera the Wise’.
Today, the president of Bagheeria still holds the title of ‘Elected King’, and in office he is addressed as ‘Bagheera’.

Recent History

In resent years Bagheeria found itself in the Region of Nederland. Bagheeria provided its delegate for two terms (of 2 months each) but was not candidate for a third time. In his first term, Bagheeria lead the region into making its constitution, with the constitution from Belgium as an example. In his second term, Bagheera made a start with the electoral law, witch was finished under The_Blaatschapen (or Sheeping_Hollow). In retrospect, that law was not well-written, and has recently been suspended.
After Bagheeria was delegate, he became minister of home-affairs.

The flag

The flag is one of the few images that are left of Bagheera the Wise. Of the few images the one was chosen where he appeared ‘most normal’. But since all the images were from satire posters, ‘most normal’ is kind of relative. “A bit of a less comfortable side-effect of freedom of speech” Bagheera the Wise once wrote.
Embassies use one of these flags. These are based on all the known images of Bagheera th Wise.
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