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A region is an internal grouping of nations in NationStates. You can choose what region you are in, with a few exceptions(see Banlist).

There are two types of regions: regions that were created by the game admin ("game-created" regions), and regions created by nationstates players themselves ("player-created" regions).

Player-created regions

In a player-created region there are two positions of leadership: a Founder and a UN Delegate. The founder is the creator of the region, and the UN delegate is the person with the most endorsements at update time. The powers given to the Founder and UN delegate are as follows:

The Founder also has the ability to turn on or off the UN delegate's powers.

There are many player-created regions in NationStates that do not have Founders. This is because the Founder has either expired due to inactivity, or the region was created prior to regional Founders being introduced to the game. Many regions were created before this time and now have Founders because, for a time after the introduction of Founders, a region was able to have an extremely trusted member appointed to the position.

Game regions

Game regions would be the five Pacific regions, plus the Rejected Realms and Lazarus. They are also called feeder/sink regions. Game regions do not have regional founders and power tends to be concentrated within the hands of the UN Delegate. One major characteristic of game regions is (with the exception of Lazarus) they are the largest regions in the game. Whomever is delegate of one tends to become very important. Other game regions are called Warzones, and are commited almost solely to the invasion game.