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The Baranxtimans are the predominant people of Baranxtu, and their culture is the one most often associated with the country. As colonists, the established what was later to become Baranxtu and in the past 200-odd years have firmly embedded themselves in the country.

Traditionally, all Baranxtimans spoke Baranxeï, although in recent decades, it has become somewhat more common that some ethnic Baranxtimans have been raised with a mother language other than Baranxeï.

Most Baranxtimans either belong to Ēmandē or are atheists; of all peoples of Baranxtu, they have the lowest conversion rate to other religions.

Peoples of Baranxtu
Asuanituans | Baranxtimans | Jontadains | Nidajans
Marani: Ñiri | Kiri
Other Natives: Masenasi | Phip