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Beaulac is a province in Kelssek, the second-largest province by population. It is the only province besides Roites, which was predominantly settled by migrants from Beaulac, which is predominantly French-speaking. Its capital and largest city is Outineau, and other major metropolitan areas include Saint-Remy, Champjaune and Langlois.

Beaulac is a centre of Kelssek's aerospace industry. Although it has traditionally relied on natural resources, it has successfully diversified into the communications, biotechnology and financial services industries. Langlois is also an important seaport.


Beaulac's population centres are along the Suter river, on the southern part of its coast, and on the northern shore of Lake Claire, where Outineau is located. It has an international border with the Aubrey Federal City, which is part of Coocoostan. The large Twinklespring National Park is almost entirely located within Beaulac and takes up most of the western "corner".

The territory of Beaulac is extremely rich in resources in its coniferous forests, lakes, and rivers; pulp and paper, lumber, and hydroelectricity are still some of the province's most important industries. Its location on a shield means that it also has a great amount of mineral deposits; the city of Val d'Argent grew out of silver mining and much of the interior was populated by a silver rush in the 19th century. The terrain consists of mainly flat plains.

Politics and government

Beaulac's legislature is the unicameral Assemblée nationale du Beaulac (National Assembly of Beaulac), also known as the "salon bleu" for the blue colour scheme of the chamber where sittings are held.

The head of government, known as the premier ministre (translated as "Premier" in English for consistency with other provinces and to avoid confusion with the Prime Minister), is currently Jean Poutine of the Beaulac Liberal Party, although with his defeat in March 2007 elections, he will be replaced by Martin Chouinard of the Parti nationaliste when the next Assembly is sworn in.

Political parties

Listed by number of seats as of March 2007 election

  • Parti nationaliste - Usually translated into English as Nationalist Party, it is a right-wing, conservative party advocating greater autonomy and opposing federal power. Its leader is Premier-elect Martin Chouinard.
  • Parti liberal du Beaulac - or Beaulac Liberal Party is a centre-right, socially liberal party which is affliated with the federal Liberal Party and is strongly federalist. It will be without a leader when the resignation of Jean Poutine takes effect.
  • Parti Beaulacois - A party favouring secession from Kelssek and the creation of a sovereign Beaulac state, it is broadly a centre-left party although it incorporates members subscribing to a wide range of economic ideologies. Its leader is Alain Ducarfeuille.
  • Beaulac solidare - translated as Beaulac Solidarity, a Marxist party affiliated to the federal United Communist Party.

Recognised but without seats, listed by proportion of popular vote

  • Gauche Révolutionnaire (Revolutionary Left) - A democratic socialist party.
  • Parti vert (Green Party) - a predominantly environmental party. It is not affiliated to the federal Green Party.
  • Parti marxiste-léniniste du Beaulac (Marxist-Leninist Party)
  • Parti libérale nationale (National Liberal Party) - an anarcho-capitalist party. Is unrelated to the Parti liberal du Beaulac or to the federal Liberal Party.
  • Parti égalité (Equality Party)
  • Parti blanc (White Party) - a neo-Nazi party