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Nation: Ecopoeia
Function: none
Population: ~330,000
Leader: none

Burroughs, located at the southern tip of Isidis island, owes much of its current status as Ecopoeia’s premier city to the Untan administration of the 1960s. They took a sleepy medium-sized town with a proven record of loyalty to the state and made it the centrepiece of a programme of showy vanity projects designed to win favour with foreign investors. Surprisingly given the era, the architects and designers recruited to revamp the town did a good job; the city boasts some spectacular vistas, striking architecture and elegant plazas. Burroughs was soon made the joint capital as the government sought to move its operations away from the increasingly agitated populaces of Viriditas and Chryse.

Facilities are good, though the transport network on Isidis is famous for all the wrong reasons. Burroughs may have a not-too-far-from-state-of-the-art airport, but its two railway stations were only reopened three years ago. The city is wealthy by Ecopoeian standards, but, like Underhill, lacks ethnic diversity (chiefly Celdonian and Tavast) and is held in low esteem by many Ecopoeians who still see it as a symbol of a wretched past.