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This article is about an international agreement. For the region of the same name, see: Communist International.

The Communist International was proposed and established by the government of the Ariddian Isles, as a loose framework of cooperation between democratic socialist countries. It was defined as a "cooperative institutional structure for democratic nations aiming towards pure communism or democratic State socialism" [1].

Text of the agreement

As submitted by Sébastien Chaussée, Secretary for External Affairs of the Ariddian Isles.

Members of the Communist International will implement a multi-lateral Fair Trade Agreement. All members of the Communist International will abide by the stipulations of the existing International Fair Trade Agreement in all trade dealings with other Communist International members. This shall not be construed as restricting their prerogative to trade with non-members. Communist International members are nonetheless encouraged (but not mandated) to become signatories of the IFTA.

Members of the Communist International will open access to their education system to citizens and children of fellow members. Specifically, members of the Communist International are asked and required to facilitate by any means movement of school children and students of any age between member nations, so that a person from one member country may study at a school or university in any other member country.

Members of the Communist International will work towards abolishing migration restrictions between members. Ultimately, the aim of the Communist International will be free movement of individuals between all member countries. Citizens of any member country should be able to settle freely and permanently in any other member country, and enjoy all the rights pertaining to citizenship in his or her new country of residence.

Members of the Communist International are encouraged to contact other members for bilateral or multi-lateral meetings in order to discuss specific problems they encounter in the implementation of socialism or communism, or conversely to present their achievements to fellow members, and make recommendations to fellow members in this area.

The Communist International is not designed to be a military alliance. It is designed as a step towards the achievement of international democratic communism.

Members will be encouraged to seek and discuss, through multilateral conferences and meetings, further steps towards the achievement of consensual, peaceful international communism.


To be granted membership of the Communist International, a country must meet the following criteria:

1) The government of the prospective member country must define itself as socialist, OR the country must have achieved pure democratic communism;

2) The country must have recognised and implemented common ownership of the means of production and exchange;

3) The country’s government must be founded at least partially on meaningful and functional democratic institutions; there must be free, fair and open democratic elections at least at a local level, even if on the national level authority is constitutionally vested in a vanguard socialist party;

4) The country must be fully and actively committed to ensuring respect for human rights on its sovereign territory;

5) The country must demonstrate active measures towards achieving pure democratic communism, or towards achieving a stable and sustainable socialist democracy, if it has not yet been achieved.

Compliance with these criteria will be assessed by the government of the Federation of the Ariddian Isles.


Associate members

  • Zwangzug has declared its intention to work in cooperation with the Communist International by "opening its educational system and working towards abolishing migration restrictions with [...] members" [2]

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