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Etymology of DEAT

DEAT was allegedly introduced into NationStates parlance by retired Mod Neutered Sputniks in response to a misspelling he saw of the word "Dead". [violet]-inspired folklore tends to support that assertion, though the actual appearance is lost in the Halls of Memory.

DEAT is considered the equivalent of delete, but the connotations go beyond simple deletion and into destruction of life and limb with extreme prejudice. There are some who subscribe to a kinder, gentler view of the Moderation Staff, but alas, those sentiments are not as common as perhaps they should be.

DEATs are sometimes accompanied by graphic images which express an even greater degree of extreme prejudice, sometimes using religious iconography, other times with stylized weaponry of obviously deadly intent. While such images are probably intended to amuse, they have a tendency to strike fear in the hearts of the forums reader, reducing potential future offenders into masses of quivering jelly.

Usage of DEAT

The most common use of DEAT is in the ejection of a nation from the game, but it goes far beyond that.

  • Offensive or trolling posts can result in the DEAT of either the post or the poster.
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Conjugation of DEAT


Originally Posted by Goobergunchia

The actual term is DEAT. "Deated" is a corruption.

DEAT is a misspelling of "Dead" observed by Game Moderator Neutered Sputniks way back when.
Acceptable synonyms are GORT and Modbomb.

Indeed. Much like Islamic Ummah's infamouse "LIAT", which is an IRC staple. The past tense form is, of course, created by adding apostrophy dee. Other forms are similarly constructed. Examples:

He/she/it DEATs

You DEAT'd
He/she/it DEAT'd
They DEAT'd

I am DEAT'ing
You are DEAT'ing
He/she/it is DEAT'ing
We are DEAT'ing
They are DEAT'ing

"Would you like to DEAT this irritating troll?"
"Why yes, I could really go for a good DEAT'ing."

"Why was Bob DEAT'd?"
"Well, we DEAT'd Bob because he had 437 different multi's and we don't believe that he has that many brothers and sisters."
"Oh, okay. I can't argue a DEAT for that."

Of course, Goober is correct in stating that GORT may be used in place of DEAT, all the same rules apply. Standard rules of grammar must be used with "modbomb", however.

Given the generally humorous nature of this word, NPOV guidelines have been Ignored in this article.