De Ruyter-class Battlecruiser

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De Ruyter-class Battlecruiser (click to enlarge).

The de Ruyter class Battlecruiser is an example of one of the older pre-Ondeugd class ships that still makes up the mainstay of the heavy firepower of the Marine of the Knootian Defence Force. After decades of service, the de Ruyters are slowly being reassigned to secondary roles as general purpose escorts and patrol/station guardships assigned to Knootian Colombia, Ale-Yarok and (during Operation Tempo Doeloe) Tanah Burung, where they headed up the local battlegroups. Additionally, they are also deployed in land attack roles in support of amphibious operations.

The de Ruyter was designed shortly before the first Vogels administration, and it served as Knootoss' 'poor man's battleship' in that era. With budget cuts mounting, they were nearly mothballed to be taken out of service in favour of real battleships such as the KDF Sirithil nos Feanör – but they were saved this fate when defence spending increased from the second van der Laan administration on, and since then they have recieved many refits to make them suitable for the modern era: The VLS was upgraded from tactical to strike length, the secondary guns recieved significant upgrades, a new radar system was backfitted and the armor on the majority of ships was refitted to incorporate new reactive armour panels.

Its European build with two NBC-proof citadels, two masts, and a lower-than-average profile give the ship its distinctive appearance. While the class may lack in fancy weaponry, it is still able to perform decently for her assigned roles and the ships can accompany the Knootian Defence Force in expeditionary missions if supported by auxiliaries. While they generally have a few rusty spots here and there, they are still capable of taking on modern fleets when functioning inside a Knootian battlegroup.



232 Metres
31.5 Metres
10.5 Metres
44,600 metric tons
Crew Complement
950 Officers and Crewmen


Main Guns

Three (3) Triple 405mm Main Guns, Eight (8) Single OTO Melara 127mm/52 D/P Guns


One (1) 64-Cell Strike Length Mk.41 VLS (VLA, Tactom, TLAM, ESSM, SM-2), Four (4) Quad Launchers for Boeing 'Harpoon' Block II SSM

Self Defence

Four (4) Thales Naval Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS, Four (4) Oerlikon 20mm Cannons


Two (2) Quadruple Eurotorp 324mm SD Torpedo Tubes


Radar systems

Thales SMART-L 3D air/surface search, SPS-49(V)6 2-D air search, Two (2) Mk. 99 SAM control FCS


Thales PHS-36 Bow-mounted Active Search (retrofitted, can only be used at low speeds >10kts)


Thales M43 Combat Management System. Command and Control is also to be enhanced by a follow-up to the old CAESAR system developed by Caesar SuperComputer Inc The software for the CAESAR 2.0 computer system is to feature revolutionary new capabilities.

Electronic Warfare

One (1) AN/SLQ-25A 'Nixie' Towed Decoy, Four (4) 16-Cell Decoy Launchers (Flares/Chaff)



Combined Gas turbine And Gas arrangement, 4 Gas turbines, two for main drive, additional for high speed running. Total of 122,000 SHP driving four four-blade, variable-pitch propellors.


Top Speed: 29.5 kts

Cruising Speed: 15 kts

Maximum Range: 13,500 km @ 15 kts


Basic Composition

Originally fitted with high-strength reinforced Steel as principle armour, has been retrofitted with passive, low profile NeRA for enhanced defence against shell fire. Internal shrapnel sheets, originally composed of thin Steel, have been replaced by a Nylon-based heat resistent composite. In subsequent refits masts and radar environment domes have been fitted with RCS-reducing Perspex screens to reduce overall RCS.

Armour Thickness (RHA equivelant @ HE Munitions)

Turrets: 200-300mm (300-450mm), Barbettes: 150-300mm (225-450mm), Side Belt: 100-350mm (150-525mm), Main Deck: 50-100mm (75-150mm), Superstructure: 50-200mm (75-300mm), Bridge: 150-250mm (225-375mm)

Naming practices

Ships in the de Ruyter class are named after historic Knootian admirals, especially from the seventeenth century and both Wars of Insolence. The KDF Johannus Hendrykxx and the KDF Barentstochter, KDF Emans and KDF Jongmans are amongst the more well-known of the Battlecruisers.