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The Eagle Star is a Pantocratorian military award given to officers who lead their troops to truly astonishing victories in the most glorious of campaigns. It was initially created by the Emperor Manuel V Capet in 1714 to reward Admiral de Marly for his victory over the Knootian navy in the Second War of Insolence. It has only been awarded two times since. The Eagle Star consists of a large solid silver badge approximately three inches in diameter in the shape of a six-pointed star, with a double-headed imperial eagle with its wings outstretched mounted on its face, clutching a sword in its claws. The word "GLOIRE" (French for "Glory") is the only text on the star, appearing on mantling underneath the eagle's claws.


  • Admiral Louis de Marly, the First Marquis of Marly (1714) for his victory over the United Provinces of Knootoss in the campaign which culminated in the Battle of Southport during the Second War of Insolence.
  • Lord First Admiral Michael I Phocas of the Bosphorus, the First Lord of the Bosphorus (1940) for his victory over the Turkish navy in the Second World War.
  • General Henri de Montmanuel, the Ninth Duke of Montmanuel (2004) for his campaign to take the capital of Espario, thereby toppling its government with minimal military or civilian casualties, and ending the genocide of Espario's European population during the Esperi War.