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This article is about a region. For the real world organization, see Wikipedia:FIFA.
Forum: none
Population: 16 nations
Delegate: Rejistania
Founder: Brazillico
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

FIFA is a region devoted to sports roleplaying, specifically of the World Cup and its offshoot tournaments in Association Football (soccer). Arguably the pinnacle of the region's history was when two successive World Cup finals were held between two FIFA members; Rejistania won both of these finals, defeating Dance 2 Revolution in World Cup 17 and Kaze Progressa in World Cup 18. The World Cup 17 final was also held in FIFA, at the Progressair Stadium in Kaze Progressa.

World Factbook Entry:

Welcome to the home of sports-RPing!

Sit back, relax, watch the matches of your team and don't discriminate anyone due to their political view. (However, the UND will vote according to the majority of votes, he recieved via TG)

Do your bit for FIFA (and stop the domination of AO)!!

Current Nations