Femke Vologdov

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Countess Femke Vologdov of Pereslavl
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence
Political Affiliation
Knootoss Green Party
Count Alexei Vologdov of Pereslavl

Countess Femke Vologdov of Pereslavl (Maiden name: Femke Halsema) is the Minister of Foreign affairs and Defence of the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss.

Femke graduated in Social-Cultural Integration Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, joining a KGP think tank and working at a well-known Dutch-speaking political-cultural centre in the capital. She was a member of the Staten-Generaal for 24 years leading the left-wing KGP party.

Under the administration of Lousewies van der Laan she started a wide ideological discussion within the party; breaking with the party's socialist roots, she claimed it was in fact 'the last leftist liberal party in the Dutch Democratic Republic.' Further, she stressed cultural and religious tolerance as core values. She was unable to prevent the SLP from switching to the conservative RCPK as its favoured coalition partner, and as a long-standing member of the establishment she lacked the support to stand up against popular conservative leaders such as Dick Tator. Her personal influence on government policy has been limited, even when the KGP was in government.

As leader of the opposition, she strongly criticised the government of Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan, on what she calls "Order of the Invisible Hand economic policies", "agressive and Imperialist" foreign policy, restrictive immigration laws and tax reform. She organised mass-demonstrations against Operation Tempo Doeloe and the war in Tanah Burung. She befriended Violeta Bi Bere, the Burungi Ambassador to the International Mediation Council and a charismatic leader, in this struggle. As leader of the KGP she has supported internationalism and international cooperation. The KGP won the elections and was restored to the status of government party, although Femke had to yield to Jan Willem Daatman in the run-off elections for Prime Minister.Her intellectual background and international contacts made her an excellent candidate for the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence. She also serves as deputy Prime Minister in the cabinet.

In the first month of her tenure as minister she married Count Alexei Vologdov of Pereslavl, a Liberal Socialist Senator from Tarasovka. This changed her Surname to Vologdov and gave her the right to the title 'Countess'.