Jan Willem Daatman

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Mr. J.W. Daatman
Full name
Jan Willem Daatman
Former mayor of The Hague
Wife: Irene Daatman
Preceded by:
Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan
Prime Minister of Knootoss
Succeeded by:

Mr. Jan Willem Daatman was born in The Hague. He is married to Irene Daatman with no children. Like Galadriël before him, Daatman regards himself as the personal representative of the people. "No one but the Prime Minister," he said once, "seems to be expected to look out for the general interests of the country." His politics however could not be more different. In his election campaign he developed a program of progressive domestic reform and asserting international leadership in building a new order in the North Atlantic as a response to the crisis in the Excalbian Isles.

Early history

After completing the gymnasium, Daatman completed his masters degree in political science at the University of Amsterdam. He then became assistant-director of the HBO education directorate at the Knootian Ministry of education. During this period he was also vice-chairman of the Advisory and Consultative Committee for the Higher Vocational Education Board, as well as Chairman of the Foundation for Investment in Social Interests in Special Education.

Daatman became a member of the liberal SLP party (which critics argue was mostly a career move.) He later became a member of the The Hague Municipal Council. In this period he was also a member of the SLP Consultative Committee for the Knootcap region. Daatman obtained an electable position in the SLP list and he was sworn in as a Member of the Parliament soon after. He was a member of the Permanent Committee for Science and Education, the Permanent Committee for Public health and Environmental Hygiene, as well as chairman of the SLP Education Committee.

In the first Vogels administration, he was appointed Secretary of State for Education and Science and soon after promoted to Minister of Education and Science. As such, he coordinated the largest ministry in Knootoss with the by far the most sizable budget. He was reappointed Minister of Education and Science in the second Vogels cabinet where he served without distinction until the outbreak of the Shadow War. While he had no intention to become minister again, he was nevertheless evacuated along with others to form the government in exile in Lavenrunz.

Daatman played no major role in the political events after the war. As an outgoing Minister, Daatman was a Member of Parliament during the first months of the first van der Laan administration, after which he was elected as Mayor of The Hague with heavy support from the party. As a mayor (re-elected twice) he commented on ongoing national affairs now and then from the sidelines, but he has not publicly taken a position for or against the so-called Operation Tempo Doeloe. He was elected Prime Minister of Knootoss as a viable 'outside candidate' from within the party who can heal the wounds caused by deep controversy over the war.