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A special notice by a moderator or admin that they want everyone to see.
A small picture attached to a post, which only NS Moderators can use on the Jolt forums.
Someone who 'sucks up' to the moderators, commonly known as a Mod wannabe or a Modabe. A Modhater is self-explanatory.
Bump (and variations)
Used to send a topic of interest to the top of the forum board.
Delete an offending nation or post.
An 'edit' usually appears at the end of a post and is usually either an afterthought by the poster or a correction.
A nation that has ceased to exist or is a nation posting when it's not logged in.
Forum Administrator
This administrator is in charge of the forum. It can, on top of forum moderator capabilities, edit forum descriptors, pick forum moderators and edit postcount descriptors.
Forum Moderator
A moderator that moderates the forum. They can lock, move, edit and delete posts or topics. The older ones are Senior Forum Moderators. No extra powers, just a snazzier title.
Gross Domestic Product/GDP
The total market value of all the goods and services produced within the borders of a nation during a specified period.
Another term for delete
IGNORE Cannon (and variations)
Used when someone godmodes or godmods (see here.) and other players want to make it clear that as far as they're concerned, the godmod/godmode in question never happened.
Invite/Private/Closed RP
A roleplay thread that only specified nations may participate.
Locked Thread
A thread that has been closed to any more replies because it has contravened rules or, if it's an Announcement thread (see below), a thread that the moderator or administrator did not want replies made to. There are sometimes exceptions to the rule (a temporary lock).
Used to gain attention from a moderator to threads where spam, flame etc. has occured. Remember to make it all one word, as it makes it easier for the mods to find.
Volunteers chosen by Administrators (though the forum administrator can only make players forum moderators) who make sure that the rules detailed in the etiquette section of the FAQ, amongst other duties, are being adhered to.
Moved Thread
A thread that has been placed in the wrong forum and has been moved to the correct one by a moderator or administrator.
N00b (and variations)
Usually means a new nation who]]: has no roleplaying skills, is annoying, or has no understanding of the rules. Is primarily a derogatory term, but is not always used as such.
A nuke that's being used by a n00b (see above) or in a n00bish way.
Creating a nation for the sole purpose of selling it 'Out-of-Character' for a ridiculously high 'In-Character' price to justify ridiculous 'In-Character' expenditures. Is frowned upon in Roleplaying society.
Newbie (and variations)
A new nation who is willing to learn how to play properly.
Open RP
A roleplay thread that any nation may participate in.
Pic Warning
Usually represented in topic titles as "(pics)". These indicate that there are a lot of images (or big images) in the topic. Some people have 56k modems which can't cope with this.
An entry in the forum.
Semi-Invite RP
A closed roleplay thread but other nations can join with permission.
An image or text or combination of both that is the official title of the poster. This appears at the end of the post.
Used in quotes to cut out parts of the quote the snipper isn't interested in or, simply just to make the post entry smaller.
A thread that the moderators or admin believe everyone should, or would like to, see. Also used as a verb meaning to make a thread a Sticky.
Used when a reader has nothing to add to the conversation, but wants to keep an eye on the proceedings or wishes to see the topic again later. Also known as mark.
[size=24] and [img] and all the other BBCodes are referred to as tags.
Tech Modling/Modling
Has forum moderator powers within the Technical forum. Is the resident technical expert.
A topic (replies and everything).
Basically means 'yay!' or 'hurrah!'

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