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Flag of Geltar
Motto: Less evil and more capitalist than we used to be!
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Region Soviet Union
Capital Geltar City
Official Language(s) English,Chinese
Leader Party Leader Hon Chow
Population 1.65 billion
Currency credit 
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History & Lifestyle

Geltar started off as a nation created by multi-national corporations who wanted to make their own laws that didn't protect the working man. They felt that the business man was the real proletariat and thus deserved all money the profits made. Although hated by other nations of the Soviet Union, Geltar remains the richest country in the region. Citizens lives are bombarded by advertisements everyway they go and everything costs money. However lately the living standard in Geltar has gone down for the average working man, so Geltar has been investing into providing needs such as health-care and education to boost productivity. Geltar's government, which is referred to as The Party, sometimes experiments with democracy. Geltar, in its long history, has only had three national elections and only one leader elected by the people.