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Nation: Ayrwll
Capital: Two-fold -
Leader: Two-fold -


Greydelving is the "outsider" in the provinces of Ayrwll in several senses. Not only is it the only one of the six whose area of surface land encompasses less than a single square kilometer, but it is also the only enclave or pecularity in Ayrwll - it could even be said to consist of several enclaves.

All its surface land is completely surrounded by the Datrien, the largest of Ayrwllyan provinces. This surface land is an area of one hundred meters measured from every entrance to the enormous cave system beneath the mountains of Angranakh, of which there are a little over a dozen. The actual realm itself stretches beneath the mountains and even a little beyond, and its subterranean territory encompasses a fair bit of Datrien. Next, it is ruled and represented by an alliance of Slithzerikai and Drow, under the Pact of Greydelving, also referred to as Zreach'myr'axanth or Cassat-Dussr-Thss. This is an alliance between the Slith theocracy of Shassat-Uss (bearing the same name as its capital) and the Drow Queendom of Zreach'darn'Cathul.

What is more, it is virtually uninhabited by humans, let alone Atharellian colonists. Instead, the population is about 80% Slith and 20% Drow.

Finally, it is the only province regarded as a sovereign entity and an enclaved individual nation within Ayrwll.

While the province is enabled to send two chief liaisons with staff to the capital in Araniil, this right is rarely exercised. The current Greydelving Embassy in Araniil has been unoccupied by any Drow or Sliths for nearly ten years.