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Flag of Zreach
Motto: Arn Zreach'darn'Cathul za' Ylothan-yzzr'd!
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Region The province of Greydelving, Ayrwll
Capital Azran'loch'Yloth
Official Language(s) Drow (native), Tharell (official)
Leader Queen Ylothan
Population 23 Million
Currency Ayrwll Silver Crown 
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The Queendom of Zreach (or Zreach'darn'Cathul) is a sovereign nation enclaved within Ayrwll. It lies within the mountains of Angranakh, and though together with the Slithzerikai realm of Shassat-Uss it forms the Ayrwllyan province of Greydelving, it has a sovereign government and an (abandoned) embassy within the capital Araniil.