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Flag of Hapandapenland
Motto: Thoose who live by the sword, dies by those who don't
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Region Concretia
Capital Hapdapcity
Official Language(s) English
Leader Dave Richards
Population 3.15 billions
Currency Hapdapdollars 
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General info

The Nation called Hapandapenland is the oldest and one of the most powerful regions of The Reign of Happen Dappenland. At the moment it is run by the party called HSD, or The Hapdapish Social Democracy, while the Leader or President is called Dave Richards. They are Known as one of the most Cultured Nations in The Region, and are also known for the Quality of their Healthcare and Education Hapandapenland has strong ties to Centoz, and has no outspoken enemies in the region, although they are known not to be fond of Ping


Hapandapenland is the largest nations in its region, both geographically, and most inhabitants, it's southern reaches stretches down to the middle part of the region, while its northernmost reaches is closer to the north poles than any other nation. It borders to Centoz and Djarg. it has several colonies, notably the Banana-Islands and Pong. The northern part of Hapandapenland, is almost covered up with pine forest, excepting the cities, and the largest lake in Hapandapenland Lake Magrathea, which gives name to the city of Magrathea, also known as the city of Splendours. The only other large city in the north is the city of Yleford, a skiing paradise. The Southern part of Hapandapenland, is covered by farming industries, lush-forest, and some of the greatest metropolis' in the region


Hapdapish Government
President David Richards(HSD)
Minister of Finance Jane Dickens(HSD)
Minister of Foreign policies Sirius Shantel (LHP)
Minister of Justice Martha Greg (HCP)
Minister of Enviromental issues Kira Cyan (E)
Minister of Transport Terry Johnathan (HSD)
Minister of Internal Policies Walter Fray (HCP)
Minister of Defence John Kane(LHP)
Minister of Space Thomas Verticula (HSD)
Governing City Hapdapcity
Parties Presented HSD,LHP,HCP,Environmentalists, and HTPA

Hapdapish Soclial Democracy (HSD)

There are three large "main" parties in Hapandapenland. The HSD or Hapdapish Social Democracy, which is governing the country at this moment, leading a Social oriented politics, with Dave Richards as president. They aim at strong education, Space Exploration/research and healthcare.

Liberal Hapdapish Party (LHP)

LHP or Liberal Hapdapish Party, is a conservative party, and is regarded as the main "opposition" to HSD, led by John Kane, who has had a single term as president. They aim at low taxes a strong defence and a strong and free economy

Hapdapish Communist Party (HCP)

The HCP or Hapdapish Communist Party, started as response to the nemolandish youth kidnappings/crisis, is led by a "council" of 5, namely Martha Greg, Paul Hain, Walter Fray, Nina Hay and Denice Kelly

Noteable minor parties

The Environmentalists (E)

The environmentalists is a left-orientated party, that focus on the environment. Although they are not very popular, their popularity is increasing rapidly at the moment. They are led by Kira Cyaan, and tend to work together with the HSD. They aim to stop pollution, fund alternative fuel research, and other numerous goals

Hapdapish Technological Political Alliance (HTPA)

The HTPA was formed as a international "Sister" Party of the Technologists in Centoz, and are led each year, by the Party Member, whom have done the greatest Scientifical Breakthrough in Research the year before, currently Freddie Axel, the inventor of the Warp-Drive, HTPA strive for more government funding for scientists, and better funded long-lasting scientific educations.


The Hapdapish political system has two types of votes, the Ordinary vote, which is at the start of every 3 months (March,June,September and December) in this kind of vote, you can both vote for the individual person, or a party as whole, and the parties can divide their votes between each of their members as they see fit. the 200 persons with most votes gets a seat in the Parliament, whereas the person with most votes (after calculation of personal votes plus votes assigned by their party) gets the presidential post. If he/she refuses to take that post, it is passed on to the person ranking number 2 whereas votes are concerned. The second type of vote is the extraordinary vote, which can be called in by the Parliament by majority vote of at least 2/3rds, or the President, where you can only vote on parties, but apart from that, everything works the same way as the ordinary vote.

Legal System

The Legal system of Hapandapenland is made up of Separate bills or laws, which are used in the three sepperate courts of Hapandapenland, the Civil Court, which care takes cases of thievery, divorce, and other legal matters, the Juridically Court care takes matters of assault, homicide, rapes and other more serious crimes, and the Financial-political court, care takes matters of Financial and internet crimes, and cases of political frauds


With the more than 2,9 billion inhappitants, the Hapdapish nations has one of the most effective public transport systems in the Region, Consisting of Maglev Trains running inside Vacum tubes, also just known as the "Tube Network", domestic and international flights and a large motorway grid.

Roads and Motorways

There are two major motorways in Hapandapenland that links Hapandapenland with the rest of the region.

  • The R1 that runs from the port city Niris in Centoz, goes all the way through the Centorian Capital Silra, before continues into Hapdapcity via a great span bridge dubbed the Bridge of Prosperity, and then through the river masses that stream from Lake Magrathea southwards, for finally to end at the "City of Splendours" or Magrathea
  • The R2 that starts in Centoz and then goes Through Djarg, and passes into Hapandapenland through the border city of Happington, from where it continues up to the City of Spledours, Magrathea, and from there, it briefly conects with the R1, that stops at Magrathea, and goes on to Yleford

The rest of the nations cities are connected by smaller motorways and other means of transport.

Tube Network

  • The Tube network are very well developed in Hapandapenland and in these vacum tubes or tunnels, maglev trains that speeds through Hapandapenlands Soil at more than 500 miles per hour on the long distances. There are also used Conventional High-speed trains on distances shorter than 100 miles
  • In all medium sized and larger cities there are Tube Stations, and in the Major Cities you also have the Conventional Metro systems and In Hapdapcity, the network is so advanced, that you say that there is atleast a metre of tube per inhappitant
  • All Public Transport systems are owned by The HRS or Hapdapish Railroad Service, which ensures public transport system is free for all Hapdapish Citizens, and relative cheap for forreigners

Air traffic

  • Hapandapenland has a number of great international airports, which include three large airports in Hapdapcity, where the largest has 4 lanes, 2 for takoffs and 2 for landings, one in Magrathea, one in Pad Pah and one in Yleford. Then there are a number of small airports around the country.
  • Dommestic flights are normal from Hapdapcity to the more Remote Major Cities, but the airports are used mostly for international flights
  • Hapandapenlands airports are run by HAL or Hapdapish Air Lines, which provides a good niveau of service for relatively small amounts of money.

Water traffic

the only major Transport Route to Hapandapenland is form Pong, with oil transport ships