Knootoss Elvish Party

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Knootiaanse Elfse Partij
Established 1971
Economic ideology Menelmacari capitalism
Social ideology Moderately permissive
Party leader Tári Calafalas
Seats 7
Motto Aa' menealle nauva calen ar' malta

The Knootoss Elvish Party (KEP) is an 'Elvish' special interest party, taking generally pro-capitalist and pro-Menelmacari policy stances. After the electoral defeat of Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan, the party managed to recapture a significant part of the Elvish vote, led led by the attractive Tári Calafalas.

Stances on issues

Economic issues

  • Economic regulation: deregulate
  • Income tax: Abolish and replace with sales tax and demerit taxation
  • Unemployment rate: increased efforts to attract foreign investment

Social issues

  • Abortion: Discourage but do not ban
  • Death penalty: Opposed
  • Euthanasia: Curb in excesses of Knootian legislation whilst retaining it for extreme cases
  • Gay marriage: Support
  • Prostitution: Legalise but discourage
  • Welfare: Reign in spending on the welfare state, abolish existing programmes

Foreign policy

  • Alliances: VERITAS-based collective security, free trade
  • Defence: Increase defence spending to match Menelmacari levels
  • Diplomacy: Diplomacy when possible, intervention when needed
  • Immigration: impose tougher quotas for non-Elvish immigrants
  • Rejoining the United Nations: Strongly oppose
  • Religious beliefs: Separation of church and state, freedom to choose faith