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Democratic Republic of Knorfladshgeff
Demokratik Republik De Knorfleydghen
knorfladshgeff.jpg knorfsymbol.png
Flag and Coat of Arms of Knorfladshgeff
Official Languages English, Knorfladshgeffian
Capital Independence City, 56,000,000
 - Total
 - water

678,641 km²
35,678 km²
 - Total (March 2006)

2.5 Billion
Current Leader NONE D:
Region Q102
Knorfladshgeff Independence 15 January 1606, from King George I of Knorfladshgeff
Government Type Bicameral Parliamentary Democracy
Nation Type Democratic Republic
National Animal Badger
GDP (2005)
  - Total
  - GDP/capita

Currency 1 Knorfladshgeff Pound (K£) = 100 Knorfpennies
Time Zone
 - in summer(DST)
EST -5
EDT -4
Pronunciation []
National Anthem Knorfladshgeff: The Republic
Internet TLD .kf
Calling Code +8891


Prime Minister: None - coup d'etat; government on hiatus/vacation

Deputy Prime Minister: See - Prime Minister

Capital City: Independence City; Population 56,000,000

Highest Point: Mt. McNarley (1,786 Ft.)

Lowest Point: Revalry Sea (0 Ft.)

Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)


The Democratic Republic of Knorfladshgeff was founded in 1598 by British forces fleeing Britain because of a bank heist they commited. The nation was originally called The Federal Kingdom of Knorfladshgeff. Knorfladshgeff first operated as a Monarchy, under King George I of Knorfladshgeff, but in 1605, there was rebellion. The rebels won, and created a new, Parliamentary Democracy, and in 1607, they changed the name of the country to The Democratic Republic of Knorfladshgeff. Between 1608 and 1920, a very steady influx of immigrants came to the nation. Roughly 98% of them were British, Irish Canadian and German. The first Prime Minister, elected in 1610, was James McNarley. He won the election by a landslide 100% of the vote. His opponent, sadly, hung himself in the area of Independence City now known as Red Square. In 1819, it joined the region of Non sum pisces. Most of the people that took part in the creation of the nation were British, Irish and Canadian. The nation of Knorfladshgeff has been growing in the past couple of years. The current leader is Prime Minister Johnathan Myrie, and in the summer of 2005, Knorfladshgeff once again changed regions, and joined the region of Q102.



Knorfladshgeff is made up of 18 Provinces, each have their own administrative capital. The Provinces in the nation are: St. John, Hertfordshire, Independence City, McNarleyville, St. Adolphous, Themistocles, Elizabethan, Rangel, Liderlander, New London of Knorfladshgeff, McHemptor, Aberdeen Of Knorfladshgeff, Trelawny, St. Catherine, Wisteria, Yorkville, New Ontario, Walderbend.


Province Population House Seats
St. John 200,000,000 200 SEATS
Hertfordshire 70,000,000 70 SEATS
Independence City 57,000,000 57 SEATS
McNarleyville 40,000,000 40 SEATS
St. Adulphous 37,000,000 37 SEATS
Themistocles 28,000,000 28 SEATS
Elizabethan 17,000,000 17 SEATS
Rangel 10,000,000 10 SEATS
Liederlander 10,000,000 10 SEATS
New London 9,000,000 9 SEATS
McHemptor 8,000,000 8 SEATS
Aberdeen 6,000,000 6 SEATS
Trelawny 4,000,000 4 SEATS
St. Catherine 2,000,000 2 SEATS
Wisteria 2,000,000 2 SEATS
Yorkville 1,000,000 1 SEAT
New Ontario 1,000,000 1 SEAT
Walderbend 8,000 1 SEAT

Knorfladshgeff is a Parliamentary Democracy. Elections are held every 4 years(Last held on January 28, 2006). Government is based on Constitutional Democracy, 18 Member Parliament, each member representing a province in the nation. Parliament split into two: Upper House and Lower House. Each province gets a seat in Lower House for every 1,000,000 persons they have.


Knorfladshgeff has a relatively small economy for a nation of its size. Most of Knorfladshgeff's people are anti-capitalists, meaning they disagree with capitalism, which has been hurting Knorfladshgeff's economy and it's been hurting Knorfladshgeff's government. The government's Parliament recently passed a bill making taxes 90% to pay for the costs of keeping the government afloat. As of 19 December 2005, Knorfladshgeff has a trade deficit of US$53,035,118,817.16. No money whatsoever is spent on commerce, but that is to change, according to the new law passed in the nation (Economic Reform Act). Knorfladshgeff's GDP(Gross Domestic Product) is $11,095,995,259,187.24. The Nation's GDP per Capita has been steadly increasing in the last few years. Knorfladshgeff now as a GDP of US$10,000 , which is roughly US$7,000 below the GRP (Gross Regional Product) of Q102. The steady boom in Knorfladshgeff's economy has been caused by new measures being passed in Parliament to liberalise commerce in the nation. Knorfladshgeff also has an unemployment rate of 8.3% NATIONAL BUDGET: US$11,493,845,750,520.00


  • Uranium Mining accounts for 10% of Knorfladshgeff's economy.
  • Beef accounts for 50% of Knorfladshgeff's economy.
  • Agriculture accounts for 30% of Knorfladshgeff's economy.
  • Furniture restoration accounts for 5% of Knorfladshgeff's economy.
  • Other industries account for 5% of Knorfladshgeff's economy.
  • Unemployment: 10.20%
  • GDP composition per sector: Agriculture=30%, Industry=40%, Services=30%

Land Usage

  • Arable Land: 20.50%
  • Permanent crops: 8.00%
  • Other: 71.5%


The Democratic Republic of Knorfladshgeff is one of the most beautiful nations in Q102. A recent United Nations ranking of the most beautiful nations in Q102 ranked Knorfladshgeff at number 11. Knorfladshgeff has great varying landscapes, from mountains perfect for Skiing or any other winter sport in the west of the nation, the warm, sunny, tropical beaches in the east of the nation, the fertile plains of the midwest of the nation, and the very miniscule Sumbwaga Desert in the Province of Hertfordshire.


Political Parties:

Party Leader Description Number of Lower House Seats
Knorfladshgeff Democratic Party Prime Minister Johnathan Myrie The Knorfladshgeff Democratic Party (KDP) is a party dedicated to keeping Knorfladshgeff a fully functioning democracy, to create peace between the many people in the nation, and to keep things as relatively cheap for the people as possible. This however, has led to large taxes, but the people are nonetheless happy because of the free healthcare they receive. (Party has 300 seats in Lower House) 283
Knorfladshgeff Reform Party James Nirreon The Knorfladshgeff Reform Party (KRP) is dedicated to getting rid of the Knorfladshgeff Democratic Party, because of the policies of the KDP. They believe the KDP has just been lying to the people, and really just care about themselves. However, the KRP’s leader, has not been able to come up with a solution to the problem that is Knorfladshgeff’s economy. 110
Progressive Socialist Party Leanne Railoway The Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) wants to take Knorfladshgeff back to it’s past roots as a Monarchy. They believe the Monarchy would be the only thing that would save Knorfladshgeffians (Religious-wise) and a monarchy would be able to bring Knorfladshgeff back to it’s former glory. 40
Green Party Rudolph McAllister The purpose of the Green Party (GP), to put it simply, is to get more funds put towards preserving Knorfladshgeff’s natural habitats. The party says that if it was to gain power, it would make Knorfladshgeff into the largest Hippie nation in the whole world. 35
New World Order Party Nero McFearelen Simply, they believe it’s time for Knorfladshgeff to go on a world conquest and take over the entire world by brutal force. 21
Labour Party Tony Meir They all just want to protect the working man. 14

Election 2006

Election 2006 was one of the weirdest in Knorfladshgeff's history, due to the fact it was held two months after the scheduled date because of security concerns. The Knorfladshgeff Democratic Party (KDP), lost several seats in this election, but still held enough to reelect Prime Minister Johnathan Myrie to a second term. In addition, three more seats were added to the Lower House, bringing the total to 503 seats.



Knorfladshgeff is a fast-paced nation, with very modern communications. The National telephone service provider is VoiceKnorfladshgeff. Independence City residents are the only residents that do not use VoiceKnorfladshgeff service. The phone company servicing Independence City is Capital City Cable & Wireless.

Mass Media

Knorfladshgeff has 18 National Television Channels, one for each province. The channels are known as the KIS, or Knorfladshgeff Information Service. These channels provide information on the national government, and information about the province in which the channel is airing. The nation also has many local & international stations.

Local: RRT 2 KTV 4 NMW 5(Independence City Only) DER 7 ODF 9 FOX 11 CBB 15 GHT 2 (Independence City Only) HTY 10(Independence City Only)

Knorfladshgeff also has many newspapers, including: The Independence City Times, Knorfladshgeff Today (In conjunction with Knorfladshgeff Information Service), The Daily Gleaner and The Morning Star.


The Democratic Republic of Knorfladshgeff is a highly safe nation. The National police force, the Royal Knorfladshgeffian Constabulary Force (RKCF), has 5,000,000 Uniformed Officers in its' ranks. The RKCF's main duty is to assist local police bureaus in training, crime prevention, street patrolling and Anti-Terrorism exercises. Knorfladshgeff also has an Army (Royal Knorfladshgeff Army or RKA), a Navy (Royal Knorfladshgeff Naval Force, or RKNF) and an Air Force (Royal Knorfladshgeff Air Force, or RKAF). Each of these military branches has 25,000,000; 10,000,000 and 8,000,000, respectively.



Knorfladshgeff has a highly efficient national rail service, known as the RailKnorf Service. RailKnorf has several stations throughout the nation. The full list of stations can be found at RailKnorf's website.


Knorfladshgeff is home to many highly advanced airports. The nation has five International airports, and a myriad of local/domestic airports. Knorfladshgeff's three main international airports are: Independence City International(ICI)(Mailing Address- 6781-88 ICI Airport, Independence City, Knorfladshgeff, Q102), Kings-Hertfordshire International(KHA)(Mailing Address 81 KHA Airport, Kings-Hertfordshire, Knorfladshgeff, Q102), and Stratton International(STR)(1281 STR Airport, Stratton-St. John, Knorfladshgeff, Q102).

Census 2006

The Knorfladshgeffian government recently held their census count (last held in March 2002). The government does the census every 4 years.