Liamist States

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Liamist States
Flag of Liamist States
Motto: Capitalism Stole My Virginity...and I liked it!
Region The Tableland
Capital Capital (Canton), City de Liam
Official Language(s) English, Tablelandian, Old Liamist & French
Leader (Head of State) Liam
Population >4 billion
Currency Ch-Ching 
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The Liamist States is the largest (over 3.5 billion in population), most important (almost the entire government is centralised here) and economically powerful (over $115 trillion in GDP and home to the best of the best in each industry) nation in the Empire. It could easily be said that money is at the heart of the Liamist States. But actually, one man is at the centre: Liam.

Liam is seemingly immortal man. Shortly after the Liamist States' districts coalesced into the Liamist States proper as a Holy Empire, Liam was in power as Pope. A revolution soon swept through the nation, ending the theocracy and establishing a Kingdom, with, somewhat miraculously, Liam as King. The Kingdom lasted for a millenium, seeing in a short-lived Dark Ages that most nations would call an Enlightenment, followed by a long period known as the Golden Age I, where with stability, the culture flourished, free from war, and the Kingdom was finally brought to an end by the Reformation, a series of technological advances and riots led to the democratisation of the Liamist States and a second Golden Age (II). Liam was still not disposed of. He went on to become an unofficial demi-god advisor for the government. In this capacity, he was responsible for the authoring of the Constitution that protected civil rights, the Urban revolution and established Liam & Co, a massive company free from monopoly laws so as to provide an yardstick for other corporations and stability for consumers. He was also responsible for the establishment of a disastrous ambassadorial program that went no where and the abysmal failure of Class Separation States (see Adali, Fairbank, Gradburg and Trenport). Despite this, he still holds this unofficial office and no one seems too concerned about changing it.

He holds civil rights, small efficient government and economic power dear and tends to reject religion and defence needs. The environment (which is actually a portfolio conglomeration of environmental, artistic, sporting and technological needs) sucks away a lot of the budget, as does education and, in smaller quantities, health, social welfare and, occasionally, social equality, law & order and commerce. The citizens of the LS are amongst some of the happiest, healthiest, smartest and generally free people in the world.

The Liamist States, due to its enormous size, is divided into six districts:

City de Liam

  • % of national population in district: 24%
  • Contribution to GDP: 10%
  • Predominant economic class: Lower-Middle & Upper-Middle
  • Level of Urbanisation: Mega

The Capital of the Liamist States and where Liam calls home. The district that pioneered the MegaUrban culture. Formerly an independent kingdom but after frequent riots, due to a general life that many considered too hard, it was reabsorbed back into the greater Cybercracy. The governmental head of the nation and the Empire. Public service is where most of the citizens are employed. Features the famous Capital and Vice District cantons and is home to the seasonal MarmaCups.


  • % of national population in district: 8%
  • Contribution to GDP: 4%
  • Predominant economic class: Agarian
  • Level of Urbanisation: Mainly rural, some Urban

A mainly rural setting, notable for its religious ferverence. Was an independent state where anyone with too much of a religious devotion was placed, free from persecution from moderates and atheists but also unable to annoy them. Inefficient towns are predominant but since its reabsorption, Urban culture is permeating. Well known for its Fanatical Marmadukes, one of the most popular breeds with international FMR teams.


  • % of national population in district: 28%
  • Contribution to GDP: 60%
  • Predominant economic class: Upper
  • Level of Urbanisation: Mega

Fairbank is a fairly similar district to City de Liam but where the politicians and middle class ends there, business takes over here. This is home to many of the nations most prestigious companies, including Liam & Co. It’s known for the CBD, Centrale and Vice District (a smaller version of the City de Liam VD) cantons. It was a special state used as a corporate haven but after excessive Jennifer Government-style abuses was brought back into line with reabsorption. Used as the venue for the Liamist States FMR grand prix.


  • % of national population in district: 14%
  • Contribution to GDP: 15%
  • Predominant economic class: Working
  • Level of Urbanisation: Super

Communism was a powerful political force for the major part of the Urban revolution, however, a destabilising one. To prevent a major insurrection, the Communists were given their own land, named Gradburg. Here they created a massive industrial estate. Eventually communism died out as a philosophy and Gradburg was invaded by corporate interests. The government decided it was a good idea to absorb them again.


  • % of national population in district: 12%
  • Contribution to GDP: 2%
  • Predominant economic class: Low
  • Level of Urbanisation: SubUrban

Trenport was the fifth now reabsorbed nation and was essentially a giant housing estate for the unemployable or poor people who needed a helping hand. As a result, lots of people live there, the vastly underappreciated people who fill in the crap jobs no one else wants to do. Stevedores also make up a large percentage of the population: Trenport is the largest port in the LS. Plans to Urbanize the area continue but no one seems willing to put up the Ch-Chings.

Greater Liamist States

  • % of national population in district: 14%
  • Contribution to GDP: 9%
  • Predominant economic class: Middle
  • Level of Urbanisation: Super, heading toward Mega

Area of Liamist States that is not the other regions. Sparsely populated with only seven major cantons (Mayfair, York, Sheffield, Alexandra, Canterbury, Reading & Greenington) that, unlike the other Districts, do not form a huge metro-morass but are several independent cities with wide, scenic spaces in between. When the ambassadorial nations of the empire were closed down, the infrastructure was moved here. So, in amongst the native cantons, there are what locals call the foreign cantons: Liamburg, Liamshire, Liamistan, Liam Island and Liamograd. The GLS was recently renovated with MegaUrban technology, making cities smaller, density higher and pollution a thing of the past. Contains the Lost Marmaduke Forests, a 2 star Tableland regional wonder.

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