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region=[[The Planet Mars]] |
region=[[The Planet Mars]] |
motto="Die Dulci Fruere" |
motto="Die Dulci Fruere" |
map=not yet avaliable |
map=[http://www.sunsetrpg.com/mapofmars.html The Official Map of Mars] |
language=English, Russian, Arabic, Esperanto, Spanish |
language=English, Russian, Arabic, Esperanto, Spanish |
capital=Mangala |
capital=Mangala |

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Flag of Mangala
Motto: "Die Dulci Fruere"
National Anthem: not yet avaliable
The Official Map of Mars
Region The Planet Mars
Capital Mangala
Official Language(s) English, Russian, Arabic, Esperanto, Spanish
Leader The Imperial Council of Mangala
Population Approx. 3 billion (Sept 2004)
Currency the Simoleon 
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Spanning the northern coast of the Hellas Sea, the Democratic Imperium of Mangala is a beautiful nation of over 3 billion sentients, predominantly human, but with a smattering of alien races. It is known for its beautiful terraformed environment and its raucous nightlife. Nightfall in the large tented cities reveals a transformed urban scene, where all generations mingle in the streets and any excuse is good enough for a party.

Mangala was created sometime during the 21st century AD by early colonists of Mars, who banded together in the Hellas Basin region and declared independence from Earth. A short war for independence resulted in the colonists driving Terran security forces off-planet, and an armistice being signed. Since then Mangala has existed in peace, maintaining its neutrality through all conflicts. The Imperial Council seems to prefer a policy of back door negotiating and covert operations to open war. (In many ways Mangala is like Switzerland, though the chocolate is not as nice)

Mangala took their place on the world stage in earnest with the construction of the Grand Canal, linking the newly terraformed Hellas Sea with Oceanus Borealis, and the creation of the Mangalan Accords, which resulted in the creation of the Duma, the Martian global court. Sensing that it is in the nation’s own best interests to keep Mars peaceful, the Council has spent increasingly more time, effort, and money on diplomacy. Mangala leads the way towards a better Mars.

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