Mary I

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Empress Mary I
1912 - 1942
Greatly expanded the Imperial Armed Forces anticipating the outbreak of World War II

Following her father, Daniel III, to the throne in 1912, Empress Mary I led Excalbia through the turmoil of the First World War and the Great Depression. While the nations of the Excalbian Isles managed to avoid the worst of World War I, they - along with much of the world - were swept up in the tide of disarmament in the 1920's. However, as the Great Depression deepened and fascism and communism began their rise around the world, Mary I foresaw a second world war and, in the face of bitter opposition from the Senate, launched a major military buildup at a time when most other democratic nations were continuing to disarm.

Mary I was married to Lord Albert Vessman, Lord of Salaspils, on June 22, 1905. Prince Consort Albert died of an unexpected heart attack shortly after the birth of his youngest child in 1917.

Mary I was succeeded by her eldest son, Joshua II, who led the nation for 27 years. When he died childless in 1969, he was succeeded by his sister, Mary II, who took the throne at the age of 54 and who reigned another 12 years.